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13 Exciting New Action Anime Coming In 2019

Action is one of the most popular anime genres out there, and for good reason. Action combines beautifully with just about ever other genre - but without it, you don't have any of the spectacular fights that attract so many viewers to anime in the first place. In 2019, a plethora of awesome new action anime are debuting, so let's take a look at what's coming up. 

There have already been some great new action anime in the Winter 2019 season - many people have watched and appreciated Dororo and The Rising of Shield Hero. But there are more awesome series that haven't come out yet to look forward to, including some sequels to beloved series like My Hero Academia and One Punch Man, and new shows like Blade of Demon Destruction and Fairy Gone. Whether you're hoping for an update to old favorites or looking for something new, action fans won't be disappointed in 2019.

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    Blade of Demon Destruction

    Photo: ufotable

    Blade of Demon Destruction is a Spring 2019 anime produced by ufotable, the studio behind many of the entries in the acclaimed Fate series. After a horde of demons take out Tanjirou's whole family, he and his sister Nezuko are the only survivors. But Nezuko is no longer the little girl her brother knows and loves. She's been transformed into a demon herself, and it's up to Tanjirou to find a way to change her back. 

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  • My Hero Academia's fourth season will come out in October of this year. Just in case you somehow missed this wildly popular anime, here's a quick summary: Izuku Midoriya lives in a world where everyone has a superpower, known as a quirk. Izuku wants to be a hero more than anything in the world, but because he has no powers, that goal seems comically out of reach. When the world's strongest hero, All Might, makes Izuku the heir to his powers, it looks like he might have a chance after all - but the cost may be more than he can handle. 

    The fourth season will introduce new and terrifying villains, including a yakuza member in a plague mask named Chisaki Kai, as well as awesome new heroes like the Big Three and Fatgum. If you're a fan of the series, you can't miss this upcoming season.

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  • The Rising of the Shield hero offers a dark twist on the usually cheerful isekai genre. When Naofumi Iwatani is transported to a magical world called Melromarc, he's immediately looked at as less-than becauase of the weapon he's destined to use - a shield. Though he experiences condescending barbs and insutls, he can more or less handle it - until a false assault accusation leaves his reputation compeltely in tatters. In order to get back home, he must complete his assigned mission - but when no one else is willing to help him, what chance does he have?

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  • Photo: Wit Studio

    If you aren't caught up with Attack on Titan, it's time to load up Crunchyroll and get up to date, because the show will go on in Spring 2019. In a world where man-eating monsters called Titan terrorize the land, it's up to the Survey Corps to protect humanity. But things aren't quite that simple - the Titans aren't necessarily always evil, and the humans aren't necessarily always good. This new half-season will complicate things even further by finally revealing the secret that's been hiding in Eren's basement. 

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