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Every Cool New Addition To The Star Wars Universe Introduced In The Last Jedi

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Each new episode in the Star Wars saga brings a bevy of easter eggs and fresh additions to the galaxy that’s far, far away, and the list of new things in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is rather extensive. The sheer amount of never-before-seen things in The Last Jedi is impressive, and includes new planets, new creatures, and plenty of new technology. As always, these additions all serve important roles in the story, but they’re also there to help sell merchandise, so it’s good that some of the cutest things in Star Wars history showed up in The Last Jedi.

Although The Last Jedi has proven to be a divisive film among the Star Wars fanbase, the brand new additions to continuity have generally been warmly received. Even the Porgs, which were widely lambasted after their first appearance in a trailer, received largely positive reviews. Star Wars fans can be tough to please, but The Last Jedi did about as good a job of adding to the universe as could have been expected.

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