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Ryan Murphy Released Some New American Horror Story Images 

Sarah Hatheway
Updated September 15, 2017 16.4k views 4 items

For six seasons and counting, American Horror Story has put distinctively disgusting, addictive spins on the horror genre. The creepy anthology series from television mastermind Ryan Murphy adopts a new theme and setting for each outing, though sharp-eyed viewers will notice connections between the supposedly disconnected tales.

First there was Murder House, with its twist on classic haunted house tropes. Then there were Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and Hotel, serving up sometimes funny, always grotesque scenarios and memorable characters. Roanoke injected some meta commentary into the mix, and brought new life to the show's formula. Now, fans are left waiting for AHS Season 7. What new nightmares do Murphy and company have up their sleeves?

American Horror Story Season 7 is still something of a mystery, even though it's set to premiere in September 2017. All that's being said is that it has something to do with the 2016 presidential election. But Murphy took to Instagram to share some new pictures and get eager viewers talking. These new American Horror Story images hint at a dark world in which the trappings of American patriotism are inverted – and where chilling, familiar figures like Twisty the Clown stalk the streets. September can't come fast enough.

A Face Full Of Holes

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The Return Of Twisty

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Land Of The Free?

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No One's Laughing

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