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16 Tips Every New Cat Owner Should Consider

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All new cat owners only want the best for their new kittens, and bringing home a new furry companion is a major decision. Even though cats are very independent, they still require a great deal of time, attention, and a new budget adjustment on your end. We found some amazing advice online that should help you not only enjoy, but also to take the best care of your new fur baby!

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    Take Notes

    From Redditor /u/Midnite_St0rm

    The best thing to feed your cat is specially made raw food. However, that can be expensive and a bit of a hassle to switch to. Dry and wet food works fine. It doesn’t matter which, but use wet if your kitty has no teeth/weak teeth. When picking food, look at the ingredients. If the flavor is the first ingredient listed, (ie salmon flavor should always have salmon as the very first ingredient) and the ingredients list is short, it’s a good brand. Some good brands are Go! Or Now by PetCurean, Open Farm, and Merrick. They’re a little pricier but not overly ridiculous. In terms of treats, stay well away from Temptations. I recommend PureBites. It’s literally only one ingredient. And my cats go nuts for them. Again, pricier, but not overly ridiculous and it’s worth it.

    There’s a toy that a lot of cats love which is a circular disc with a ball inside a track. They can bat the ball around without it going flying. It also has a scratchpad in the middle that you can buy replacements for. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

    There are claw pads available. Little things that you put on their claws so that they can’t scratch and they don’t have to be declawed. They’re light too so they get used to them after a while.

    Hope this helps!

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    Feed Them Right

    From Redditor /u/Krishibi

    Feed your cat correctly (like, do not just fill a massive bowl and keep filling it, that's dumb!) and feed it a higher-end brand of cat food. Why? Lower quality has too high of plant protein in it and carbs.

    1) Carbs cause your cats to be carb junkies and fat

    2) Higher plant protein will be present and lead to urinary stones.

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    Walking With A Leash

    From Redditor /u/FrenchPressYes

    One suggestion, if you do decide to leash and walk your cat, be sure he/she gets his outdoor shots before you start. 

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    Preventing Scratches

    From Redditor /u/fergalexis

    Honestly, the best deterrent for my cat scratching furniture is to have her favorite scratcher board near the couch. She never scratches the couch but my cat is a horizontal scratcher. Vertical scratchers tend to like the couch, but putting a scratching post they like near the couch should help. Don't bother with citrus sprays or any gimmicky products. The bottom line is if your cat wants to scratch, give them something to scratch that they like better than the couch. Sprinkle catnip on their scratchboard or something.

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