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List Rules New comedies and sitcoms premiering in Fall 2016 on major networks, cable TV, premium channels, or streaming platforms.

Want a sneak preview of the new shows coming this fall of 2016? Wait no longer, these shows are hilarious and ready to tickle your funny bone in 2016. From new sitcoms to mockumentaries, this year's Upfronts had something for everyone. These shows have stars like Minnie Driver, Kristen Bell, and Joel McHale to keep you laughing.

New comedies come out every Fall season, though many don't even make it through the Spring (cough, Grandfathered). But hopefully the comedies on the list will make it several seasons! As that old saying from Community goes, "Six seasons and a movie!" While few new fall comedies make it that far, it sometimes happens. In fact, one of the most popular comedy mockumentary series of all time, The Office, started as a mid-season replacement TV show on NBC.

So which of the shows below do you think shows the most promise? Vote up your favorite new Fall comedy premiering in 2016.
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Speechless Sept. 21, ABC - "Story about a family with a special-needs child described as being “good at dealing with the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones.” Source: The Tracking Board

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The Good Place Sept. 19, NBC - "Centers on a woman wrestling with what it means to be good."Source: The Tracking Board

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The Mick Fox - "With a fish-out-of-water theme, it centers on a hard-living, foul-mouthed woman who moves to affluent Greenwich, CT, to raise the spoiled kids of her wealthy sister who has fled the country to avoid a federal indictment.

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Kevin Can Wait Sept. 19, CBS - "A newly retired police officer is looking forward to spending more quality time with his wife and three kids — only to discover he faces much tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets." ...

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American Housewife Oct. 11, ABC - "Narrated by Katie, a strong-willed mother, who is raising her flawed family in a wealthy town filled with “perfect” wives and their “perfect” offspring." Source: The Tracking Board

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Powerless NBC - "Workplace comedy set at one of the worst insurance companies in America — with the twist being that it also takes place in the universe of DC Comics. It’s about the reality of working life for a normal, powerless person in ...

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Making History Fox - "Three friends find a way to travel through time for truth, justice and riches, which complicates their lives in 2016. They visit some of the greatest moments of the past as they try to resolve their personal problems, ...

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The Great Indoors is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Best New Fall Comedies of 2016
The Great Indoors CBS - "An adventure reporter must adapt to the times when he becomes the boss to a group of millennials in the digital department of the magazine." Source: The Tracking Board

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Man With a Plan Oct. 24, CBS - "A contractor learns that raising his kids is more challenging than expected when his wife goes back to work." Source: The Tracking Board

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Son of Zorn Sept. 11, Fox - "Upon arriving home on Earth for the first time in 10 years, Zorn, a fully animated, legendary warrior, finds that reconnecting with his live-action son and ex-wife while suffering through a mundane office job and the ...

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Trial and Error is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list The Best New Fall Comedies of 2016
Trial and Error NBC - "Documentary-style procedural revolves around a young big-city lawyer and his oddball defense team during a high-profile murder trial in a small Southern town." Source: The Tracking Board

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Imaginary Mary ABC - "Live-action/CGI project centers on a thirtysomething bachelorette whose life is turned upside-down when she finally meets the love of her life — a divorced father with three kids. This triggers even more upheaval when the ...

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Great News is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list The Best New Fall Comedies of 2016
Great News NBC - "Centers around a millennial woman whose life is complicated when her New Jersey mother gets an internship at the cable network where she works." Source: The Tracking Board