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Music Videos That Introduced the World to New Dance Moves

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Music video dance moves have dominated dance floors for years. Want to update your repertoire? Look no further than these iconic dance moves from music videos. Some dances are pretty new (you may not yet have mastered the "whip" or the "nae nae"), some are old classics (disco pointing never fails), and some deserve to be remembered but never recreated (any move popularized by *NSYNC). All are worth learning, though, because old moves always come back around eventually. From the twist to the twerk, these are the most iconic dance moves that debuted in music videos.
  • Video: YouTube

    Artist: Madonna
    Dance Move: Voguing 

    Voguing was a dance move way before Madonna made it popular in the eighties — it actually evolved from the Harlem ballroom scene. 
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    Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

    Video: YouTube

    Artist: Silento
    Dance Move(s): The Whip and the Nae Nae

    The lyrics to this song are pretty sparse — it's all about the dance. Learn how to join in the fun here
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  • Video: YouTube

    Artist: Chubby Checker
    Dance Move: The Twist

    When this ditty came out in 1961, it won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Song. It had staying power, apparently: 50 years later, we're still twistin'. 
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  • Video: YouTube

    Artist: Soulja Boy
    Dance Move: Crank That

    The whole "Crank That" routine was created by Devin Woolridge and has been recreated by frat bros everywhere. 
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