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The New Game Of Thrones Trailer: Winter Is Here (Also, Dragons)  

Liam Ross
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The new Game of Thrones trailer is upon us, Thronies (that's what we're calling ourselves, right?) and this one is much more informative than the teaser we got back in March when HBO ticked us into watching ice melt for 10,000 hours. For the first time, we're treated to actual footage from the upcoming season, and it looks deeply awesome. 

HBO's Game of Thrones has been building to a head for almost six years, and if the trailer is any indication, Westeros is going to be best on all sides by invaders. Let's break down the biggest moments in the trailer, and get excited for GoT Season 7. 

Also, SPOILERS AHEAD. If you want to go into the new season as innocent as Sansa (before her life became a never-ending torrent of misery), this is your warning.  

Screw Winter, Daenerys Is Coming
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After more than half a decade of waiting, fans will finally get to see Daenerys campaign for the Iron Throne. The trailer shows several scenes of the Targaryen queen plotting at Dragon Stone, her ancestral stronghold (and former residence of Stannis Baratheon). Here, too, is a battle between her Unsullied forces and Lannister soldiers.  

Dany has held her dominion over the Dothraki as well: we can see the horselords riding into battle against Westerosi forces. Cersei is going to have her hands full with the young queen. 

Cersei Misses The Forest For The Trees
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Cersei begins the trailer by bemoaning her circumstances. Surrounded by enemies, bereft of family, things aren't looking great for our Queen Protector. Yes, she finally sits on the Iron Throne, but she is desperately clinging to power now that she's finally clawed her way to the top.

What's her plan? To round up Daenerys, the White Walkers, and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms in a big sept and blow them all to hells, too? Good luck, Cersei.

Jon Snow Looks Ready To Rally The North Against The White Walkers
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Echoing the rousing finale of Season 1, the Lords of the North have once again gathered together in Winterfell's great hall to declare allegiance for a new king. Jon Snow, bastard son of Eddard Stark (well, as far as Jon knows), is set to rule the North and prepare it for the fight against the White Walkers. While we don't see any of the icy warriors in the trailer, their specter permeates every scene. 

The trailer ends with the line, "The great war... is here." The conflict between humanity and the White Walkers is about to take center stage. Given that we also see Jon Snow attempt to strangle Littlefinger in the trailer, let's hope the North is strong enough to keep its focus and fight them off.  

It's Game Of Thrones, So You Know There Are Going To Be Sexy Times
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This trailer doesn't have as many hookups as we're used to, but we see a couple of new allies getting cozy. There's a glimpse of Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand getting hot and heavy. The Greyjoys, of course, have promised their fleet to Daenerys in exchange for their independence when she takes the throne. Meanwhile, Varys ended last season securing the loyalty of Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell for the Targaryen cause - provided that cause is firmly anti-Lannister.