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Jacob Shelton
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When the trailer for the new Ghostbusters film dropped, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and ran to Twitter give the world their two cents about Paul Feig’s reboot of the 1984 classic. As with everything, some people loved the trailer, some people hated it, and plenty of people with less interesting opinions let out a resounding “meh.” A lot of the reactions to the new Ghostbusters trailer have to do with Leslie Jones being the only non-scientist of the gang, and one particular line that feels a little too hokey for 2016. No matter what you thought of the clip, you’ll enjoy seeing how the Internet reacted to the new Ghostbusters trailer.

Reactions to new Ghostbusters trailer have been all over the place. It’s either sexist, racist, too concerned with its feminism, not funny enough, or too funny. It’s probably a good sign that the trailer is eliciting such broad feelings from viewers, the trailer would probably be a flop if it were just okay. And the most important thing to remember about trailers is that they’re not the actual movie. Trailers are just bits cut together to make people talk about the product. But rational thoughts like this aren’t what the internet traffics in, so take a look at what the Internet thought about the Ghostbusters reboot trailer.

Check out all of these Ghostbusters trailer reactions, and feel free to haunt our comments with your thoughts on the Ghostbusters reboot.
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