24 'New Girl' Moments That Prove Cece And Schmidt Are The Ultimate TV Couple

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Although Nick and Jess are the titular leading couple of the popular sitcom New Girl, best friends Schmidt and Cece come in close second. The will-they-won't-they, passionate relationship has its ups and downs, but the two are truly meant to be. Here are some of their best scenes.

  • 1. It's Not Just A Heavy Like

    It's Not Just A Heavy Like
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    60 votes
  • 2. 'Your Friend.'

    'Your Friend.'
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    45 votes
  • 3. She Made Him The Man He Is

    She Made Him The Man He Is
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    67 votes
  • 4. Cece Admits Her Feelings

    Cece Admits Her Feelings
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    66 votes
  • 5. Jar!

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  • 6. The First Hand-Hold

    The First Hand-Hold
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