Things To Look Out For Before Buying A New Home

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Buying and owning a home is often referred to as the "American Dream," but buying property can also be a daunting process. For most people, this means getting a mortgage, which is something that hangs around for a good 30 years. Finding the right house can also be difficult when there are numerous options, which is why any prospective homeowner should approach the process of buying a home with as much information as possible.

Most first time house hunters don't know exactly what to look out for when buying a new home, or how they should approach valuing a home. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who have already been through the process, and thanks to their lessons learned, prospective homeowners can refer to comprehensive guides when they begin the process.

Anyone who is considering buying a new home should know what to look out for; check with experts, and don't do it alone if you don't have to. For anyone whose bought a home in the past, vote up the advice you think is actually important. 

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    Check The Roof

  • 2

    Double Check The Plumbing Is Up To Snuff

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    Compare Recent Sales In The Area, Otherwise Known As 'Comps' To Make Sure Your Offer Makes Sense

  • 4

    Check The Local Crime Report To Find Out If The Home Is In A Safe Area

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    Check For Mold

  • 6

    Find Out Exactly How Much Property Taxes Were Last Year Because They Will LIkely Go Up From There

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    Make Sure It Has A Solid Foundation

  • 8

    Look Out For Deal Breakers

  • 9

    Visit The Neighborhood At Different Times

  • 10

    Find Out If The Home Is In A Flood Zone

  • 11

    See How Water Drains Off The Property And Make Sure It Doesn't Pool Anywhere (Especially Near The Foundation)

  • 12

    Check Each Appliance Thoroughly

  • 13

    Get A Professional Home Inspection Done

  • 14

    Test Out Every Nozzle, Switch, And Window

  • 15

    Ask If Anything Has Been Replaced Or Rebuilt And When That Happened

  • 16

    Find Out If Any Part Of The Home (Or Its Contents) Are Still Under A Warranty

  • 17

    Even If You Don't Have Kids, Check Out The Local Schools In Case Things Change Down The Road

  • 18

    See If The Area Is Natural Disaster-Prone

  • 19

    Find Out The Local Rules Regarding Pets

  • 20

    Get A Whiff Of The Place - Literally

  • 21

    Find Out If There Is A Homeowner's Association And What Fees/Requirements Need To Be Made

  • 22

    Ask The Seller A Lot Of Questions

  • 23

    Ensure The Circuit Breaker Functions Properly

  • 24

    Check The Landscaping - Re-sodding A Lawn Is Expensive

  • 25

    Feel Out The Temperature Of Each Room