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13 New Horror & Supernatural Anime Coming In 2019

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For some anime fans, the best genres out there are the supernatural and horror genres. There's nothing like ghosts, zombies, demons, psychic powers, and otherworldly elements to spice up a story, and there are plenty of 2019 horror anime that do just that. 

Some of the new horror and supernatural anime coming up this year boast cheerful and fun vibes, like Mob Psycho 100 Season Two and Sarazanmai. Others, like The Promised Neverland and Bem, could also be classified as horror - they'll terrify you just as surely as they'll thrill you. The supernatural anime you should watch this year depends on how you want to feel afterward, but no matter what you choose, you're sure to find something you'll like on this list.

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Update - Check out the best new 2020 horror anime now that the new year is upon us!

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    Blade of Demon Destruction

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    After Tanjirou's family is attacked by a horde of marauding demons, he and his younger sister Nezuko are the only survivors. Unfortunately, the two of them don't have time to grieve and rebuild their lives, because Nezuko has been transformed into a demon herself. Tanjirou must embark on a journey to get his sister turned back to normal. Created by the highly respected studio ufotable, this Spring 2019 anime looks like one of the more promising supernatural shows of the year. 

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    Grace Field House is an idyllic place for orphaned children to grow up. They're all one big happy family, and the house caretaker, Mama, loves them all. Or so it seems, until one day two 11-year-olds, Norman and Emma, discover a dark secret - they're actually being raised as meat for a race of demons. With this terrifying knowledge in hand, they must figure out how to escape before they're shipped off to the demons. This won't be easy - the obstacles are plenty and Mama has a sharp eye - but with the help of their brilliant friend Ray, and the other orphans, they might just have a chance. 

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    After his father trades away 48 of his body parts to demons in exchange for power and wealth, Hyakkimaru seeks out those demons to defeat them and reclaim his body. Along for the journey is an orphan child named Dororo, a self-styled great thief who actually has a fairly sturdy moral compass. This Winter 2019 anime is based on a 1967 manga by one of the greatest names in manga or anime, Osamu Tezuka. With beatuiful animation, stunning fight scenes, and terrifying supernatural enemies, this anime is well worth your time. 

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  • Bungo Stray Dogs follows a detective agency that's staffed by people with supernatural powers. Those powers - and the detective's names - are based on famous authors and works of classic literature. Using these book-based abilities, they deal with everything from minor cases involving lost items to major conflicts with the local mafia. Exactly what Season Three will cover is not yet clear, but it's bound to be every bit as exciting as the previous two.

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