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List Rules Originating or primarily in or from New Jersey, root causes with non-linear effects - that is huge, biggest impact in history - best or worst

New Jersey's hidden past continues the greatest impact to the world - amid history's largest non-nuclear explosions 1/2 Hiroshima(6 kilotons, Black Tom/JC 1 KT) killing untold numbers & evacuating 62,000 in Sayreville NJ(30 infamous disasters) namesakes burned Salem witches(&Horrific Punishment/Crime) - escalated/armed greatest wars, HISTORY's WORST serial killers, disasters/tragedies, confederate supremicists/eugenicists, mad doctors/horror hospitals, al-Qaeda/ISIS/Libyan terrorists, hidden Nazi war criminals, state corruption/mobs/crime/fleeing/apartheid/insolvency..., removing greatest freedoms, destroying children/families/radical feminism, police/police chiefs/creating terror/torture police force, horrific punishment/atrocity still showcased, crime of the century/murder castle/machinations, cruel companies radon poisoning/killing thousands of women and negligent NJ lawyers/courts...

The 300 year old Jersey Devil, or the Jeepers Creeper's like Leed's Devil from the assistant to the most vilified and hated governors of colonial America, New Jersey's First Royal Governor Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury with most notorious attacks January 16 through 23, 1909 in clubs and with police firing on it in Philidelphia and Camden.

The largest scale animal hunt in history to catch the 'Jersey Maneater' in 1916 killing many, a great white shark terror caught with ingested human remains heroically killed while destroying a fishing boat and almost killing all on board - many NJ experts claimed a sea turtle:)  Panic was "unrivaled in American history", terrifying shark attacks mutilated and severed limbs causing bloody death with panick stricken onlookers. Former NJ governor and president Woodrow Wilson was petitioned to protect NJ's resort community beaches - "Armed shark hunters in motor boats patrolled the New York and New Jersey coasts today while others lined the beaches in a concerted effort to exterminate the man-eaters"

If all of us put in our best for our country, people and children can we make the new Contract with the American Voter work? Participate in Working Out and Continually Improving - INCLUDING IF NOT ESPECIALLY IN NJ.  We'd All Need To Uphold our Great Constitution!  AND IN NJ!!! Honesty, Integrity and Change to Washington!  AND TO NJ!!!  Remove Unnecessary and Abusive Government Bureaucracy and Control and the Income Taxes Paying for It! AND IN NJ!!!  Support Our Families and Children and Better Education & Choice and Affordable Health!  REALLY NEED IN NJ!!!  Undo harmful Internationalization and Intervention and Defend America First!  INCLUDING NJ!!! Train and Assist our Local Police for our Safety and Upholding our Rights!  AND IN NJ!!!  More Energy and Infrastructure and Jobs! More and Better Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! - Take a Look!!!  Can you feel it!

Otherwise New Jersey's Governor and House Election is November 6-7 2017 to make a change if not sooner -  call our New Jersey representatives today if this list doesn't get better or keeps growing in the wrong direction - mine just get ignored or 'There's nothing we can do, we're your NJ representatives (in Washington)." Trenton and local as bad or worse - worthless. Who is going to turn this state around?  This was Christie's 2nd and last term.

Fighting Tyranny in New Jersey with some wins thru federal actions:

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2017 - New Jersey DYFS/CPS 'Am... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list New Jersey Dark History
2017 - New Jersey DYFS/CPS 'Among Worst in US'(a1, a2) Guilty Thousands Cases of Child Kidnapping, Medical Kidnapping, Unconstitutional Home Intrusion and Civil Rights Violations With Multi-million Dollar Lawsuits Against NJ DCPP/DYFS/CPS ---- 2010 Murdered Senator Nancy Schaefer RECOMMENDATIONS: '2. Activate immediate change. Every day that passes means more families and children are subject to being held hostage' by CPS/DYFS/DCPP and 'This report is concerned with the children and parents caught up in “legal kidnapping, ineffective policies, and DFCS who do does not remove a child or children when a child is enduring torment and abuse. ” - DCPP KIDNAPS CHILDREN FROM GOOD HOMES AND DELIBERATELY LEAVES ANY CHILDREN WHO ARE ABUSED WITH ABUSERS - THIS IS VERIFIED BY ATTORNEYS AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PARENTS - DCF CASE WORKERS, SENATORS, ... - SO BAD AND CORRUPT PEOPLE DON"T KNOW OR BELIEVE - Stop Illegal Entry Without Warrant to Kidnap Children and Investigate and Prosecute Case Workers Commiting Fraud, Falsified Reports and Child Kidnapping & Trafficking, ... -- ALL AMERICANS PLEASE READ Senator Schaefer's FINDINGS and RECOMMENDATIONS HERE - - Senator Schaefer: "Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and the entire system is broken almost beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families should be warned of the dangers." "The Department of Child Protective Services, known as the Department of Family and Children Service (DFCS) in Georgia AND OTHER TITLES IN OTHER STATES, has become a “protected empire” built on taking children and separating families." ---- NJ DYFS 'Child Services' Federal Findings "Among the Worst in the US" ABOLISHED FOR EXTREME ABUSE AND CORRUPTION and Replaced with DCPP UNDER FEDERAL OVERSIGHT(Fed a1-a3) - COMPLETE FRAUD, FAILURE AND DISGRACE - NOT INDEPENDENT MONITORING '..and rely heavily on data collected by the Department of Children and Families' - that is a corrupt organization guilty of fraud and false reports - Senator Schaefer: 'Call for an ***independent*** audit of the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) to expose corruption and fraud.' TODAY DCPP WORSE ON ALL MATTERS with Founder Walter Mondale's Worst Fears REALIZED THRU TODAY - click Expand-i 'Names', 'Refs' -- NO LAWYERS, PARENTS or CHILDREN INFORMED, AWARE or CHECKED and NO OPERATIONAL PRESENCE OR CHECKS(a4) and TODAY DCPP NOW GUILTY OF Child Trafficking with NJ Judges, Child Torture, Malnourishment, Death, 'Family Court' Corruption (Star Chamber Courts) SEE LINKS(1-5) ---- Justina's Law Example Seeking to Stop Ongoing Abuse(1) ---- Hundreds of Thousands Cases in US Every Year ---- "Legal Medical Kidnapping: Has the U.S. Become one of the Most Dangerous Places in the World for Children to Live"(1), "Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today"(2), "Child 'Protective' Services —Introduction To Legalized Kidnapping And Adoption Rings" by Charles Corry PhD(5). Based on Hillary Clinton's 1980 Child Welfare Act and Clinton's 1997 AaSFA - Compliance Continues To Give States Right To Take Children From Parents To Receive Share Of $12B Federal Aid Every Year ($26 Billion per Year Fed/State/Local Total) -------- STATE OF NEW JERSEY TERMINATES PARENTAL RIGHTS WITH PERMANENT CHILD REMOVAL EVEN WHEN NO CAUSE OR ABUSE (ALSO NATIONWIDE) -------- 1/2 Kids Forceably Removed by New Jersey End Up Homeless, 1/3 are Sexually Abused, 1/2 children abused BY NJ STATE CPS AND POLICE AND COURTS and Removed end up On Psychotropic Drugs With 1/2 Those On 3 or More(links). Most Children removed by NJ CPS/DYFS Suffer Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome and Suffer Medical and Developmental Issues for Life -------- NJ DYFS/DCPP/CPS Takes Parents' Children Based On Money, NJ CPS STANDARD PRACTICE TO FILE FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND CHARACTER ASSASSINATIONS AGAINST PARENTS (LINKS), If abusive parent found NJ State and CPS leaves children With them and gets restraining order against protective parent (LINKS). NJ Cruel and Inhuman Treatment to Parents and children with children unconstitutionally removed/abducted by The State of New Jersey even without complaints and If No Cause Is Found -------- NJ Policy to Cruelly Tell all Victimized Parents and Children Will Never See Each Other Again ---- Senator Nancy Schaefer's Report to Senate with Recommendations to Immediately Stop Child Kidnapping by States - -- a MUST READ FOR ALL PEOPLE new jersey state corruption - Senator Nancy Shaefer - Murdered with Husband in 2010 - calls for critical changes to save families and children - RECOMENDATIONS NOT IMPLEMENTED TO Stop Extreme Corruption and Abuse and Child Kidnapping1. Call for an ...

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Former New Jersey Governor and... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Former New Jersey Governor and President Woodrow Wilson's Progressive/Liberal Foreign Interventionism Still Wreaking Havoc in the World Today(1) Began In the Largest Scale when Wilson Broke US Neutrality in 1917 by entering the War in Europe (Becoming a Great Power) escalating to the First World War - Germany immediately responded by sending Lenin to Meet 6-Time Escaped Convict Stalin in Moscow(2a-c), radical communist revolutionaries supported by Wilson, who immediately about faced against Confederate Racial Supremacist Wilson and Colonialist UK's Balfour/Churchill(2d) And France beginning the worst Red Terror/Civil War genocide in history together with Wilson's 14 Points/Treaty of Versailles Caused the Second World War and Cold War killing even more(3) at a scale never seen before several times over -------- The Supreme Court Had to Override Wilson to Regain Freedom of Speech - Wilson had the Printing Plates Melted for "Why is Your Country at War?" by Minnesota Representative Charles Lindbergh in 1917 -------- Wilson refused to admit Tzar Nicholas' Family - Royalty He Hated Condemning to Slaughter by Lenin's Cheka Secret Police ------ Wilson's family were slave-owning Southern Confederates in GA and SC a profound childhood influence - first remembered words 'Lincoln elected and war was coming' and standing beside and looking up to General Robert E. Lee as taken away in chains by Union Army(A1). Wilson's 1917 War Message to Congress Paranoia Over Spies and 'Intrigue' Already Here Resulting in Draconian Espionage/Sedition Acts and First Red Scare. Many have tried to reverse(4+). (1) The Evil Legacy of Teddy and Woodrow ...

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The 1993 Truck Bomb Which Almo... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list New Jersey Dark History
The 1993 Truck Bomb Which Almost Knocked The Port Authority Of NY and NJ's North Tower Into The South Tower Was Driven From Jersey City NJ And The 9/11 Attackers Who Destroyed The World Trade Center and Damaged the Pentagon Were Living In North New Jersey Including Paterson, Wayne and Hackensack. Jihadists Including Bin-Laden and 'The Blind Sheikh' Rahman Were Supported By President Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski In Afghanistan Starting In 1979 And Led To The Defeat Of The USSR But After Winning The US Sanctioned and Placed Them On terrorist watch lists. Lacking Funding, The CIA, FBI and NJ State Police Brought Many Jihadists Including Abdel-Rahman Illegally To NJ And NY Since 1985 To Preach Radical Islam[Emerson]. With the FBI Ignoring Warnings, the Jihadists Succeeded In The 1993 WTC Bombing from Jersey City Just 5 Weeks After Clinton Took Office and Succeeded in Completely Destroying It from North Jersey The Year Clinton Left Office In 2001 With Bush Just Taking Over, 1 Day After Chris Christie became US Prosecutor and 49 Days After Larry SilverStein Acquired The Entire WTC Complex, Well Insured from Terrorism. Many Al-Qaeda and ISIS Jihadists have been Arrested Thru 2016 in NJ including Bergen County, Cherry Hill, Paterson And Elizabeth and Many More in NY. Recent Jan 7, 2017 attack killing 5 and injuring more in Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport (Alaska Layover Minnesota) by New Jersey Born (Union City) Iraq Veteran Santiago (Same Name NJ State Police Chief Scandal) Claiming CIA Mk-Ultra Type Mind Control/Behavioral Modification (also claimed Sirhan Sirhan Defense Still Imprisoned LA/San Diego since 1968 denied parole every 5 years May, rushed to Feb in 2016) Using ISIS Recruitment Videos ('He talked about all the destruction and the killing of children') as FBI Found targeting Bergen County NJ High Schools in 2015, attributed to mental illness. Jan 21, 2017 False Bomb Threat Landed Plane Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport From Newark New Jersey to Santiago Dominican Republic. Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Rahman missing from the wikipedia entry on the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing [Updated Dec 2016] ...

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Tscherim Soobzokov 'The Fuhrer... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Tscherim Soobzokov 'The Fuhrer of the North Caucasus', was settled in Patterson, New Jersey by CIA and FBI along with over 1,000 Nazis in NJ and across the US(EXPAND FOR LINKS). Blown up by Jewish terror group JDL (denied responsibility), burried in Bergen County, NJ in 1985. Soobzokov served in the North Caucausus Region created by the Nazis. He is charged with having been a member of a punitive unit that joined the German army and SS in various killing operations, but he denies this. According to the Berlin Documentation Center, on Jan. 4, 1945, Soabzokov was assigned to a unit of the Waffen-SS as an Obersturmfuehrer or 1st Lt. Before that date "It can be assumed that ...(he) performed services with organizations such as SS-Bandenkampfvergaende, SS-Einsatzgruppen or similar irregular forces," a Berlin Documentation Center analysis states. Einsatzgruppen were mobile killing units whose special targets were Jews, Gypsies, partisans and other civilians -------- Besides the CIA, those ‘’other agencies’’ meant one in particular: the G-men at the FBI. Soobzokov had worked not only for the CIA, but for the FBI as well. As a confidential FBI informant, Soobzokov had thrown its investigators countless leads about suspected Communists over the years, essentially infiltrating his brethren in the immigrant community in New Jersey -------- FBI DIRECTOR J. EDGAR HOOVER HAD PERSONALLY REFERRED HIM FOR THE JOB. Soobzokov was a Communist hunter, and a passionate one at that. If there were Soviet sympathizers in New Jersey, he worked to find them ------ Others include Aleksandras Lileikis who killed 60,000 in Lithuania relocated to Boston, Otto von Bolschwing a former German SS captain closely associated with Adolf Eichmann with involvement in the planning of the Final Solution killing 6 million relocated to California and Klaus Barbi 'The Butcher of Lyon". An American Nazi in New Jersey ...

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From the White House former Ne... is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list New Jersey Dark History
From the White House former New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson Supported and Hailed 'Birth of a Nation' On the Clansmen Which kindled violent racism in the US and the Day Aired Formed Today's 2nd KKK. The movie was being boycotted and would have failed were it not for Wilson's White House save ------ "The white men were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservation.....until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire in the South, to protect the Southern country." - "A History of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" by Woodrow Wilson - 1902. Quotation appeared in 'The Birth of a Nation' in 1915. "The white men of the South were aroused by the mere instinct of self-preservation to rid themselves, by fair means or foul, of the intolerable burden of governments sustained by the votes of ignorant negroes." A History of the American People (1902) by Woodrow Wilson, Documentary Edition, Vol. IX, p. 58. "The Birth of a Nation" 100 Years Later: Why Woodrow Wilson's Embrace of the KKK Still Matters ...

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The Draconian Espionage Act of... is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list New Jersey Dark History
The Draconian Espionage Act of 1917 Was Passed by Woodrow Wilson Upon Leaving the New Jersey Governorship As He Entered the First World War and Started the First Red Scare of 1918-20 Which in Reaction Caused Nation-wide Strikes, Race Riots in Over 30 Cities and Two Sets of Bombings Including to Assassinate Wilson's Attorney General Mitchel Palmer from White Haven, PA. Palmer hired the infamous J. Edgar Hoover to conduct these Palmer Raids known for Abusing Rights and Anti-war with Warrantless Arrests, Entrapment, Unlawful Activities, Unlawful Detention and Lack of Legal or Due Process. Amendments to the Act Included Restrictions On Speech and Opinion Called the 'Sedition Act' but Were Repealed in 1920 With Palmer's failure to Pass a Peacetime Version ---- J. Edgar Hoover Admitted Brutality and MA Judge Anderson Stopped the Raids Saying "a Mob Is a Mob Whether Made Up of Government Officials from the Department of Justice or the '...vicious Classes'". Notable Arrests by Palmer in Portland, New Orleans and Indiana Set the Stage for Continued Control and the Anarchist Bombings Continued for 12 Years ---- In 1924 J. Edgar Hoover Became 6th Director of The Bureau of Investigation Created by Teddy Roosevelt's Attorney General and Napolean's Grandnephew C. Bonaparte in 1908 Whereafter the Sedition Act's abuses stealthfully returned from 1932-36 on the Kidnapping and Brutal Murder of Charles Lindbergh's 18 month old baby living in Englewood NJ (Lindbergh Law) as Hoover's BOI became the FBI (Custodial Detention List/FBI Index, COINTELPRO, Massive FBI Laboratory Fraud, CARNIVORE, PRISM, ...) ---- Obama Took Office Promising Transparency But Has Been Accused of Abusing Wilson's Espionage Act employing 9 Out of the 12 Times Ever Used Including Manning (Obama just Commuted 35yr Sentence Jan 17, 2017) and Snowden Resulting in US Freedom of the Press Plummeting to 50th Place today. Former NJ Governor Wilson's 'Sedition' Amendments Resulted in Thousands of Arrests and Hundreds of Deportations Which Caused Anarchy. NY Governor FDR's Enemy Alien Control Program and War Relocation Act Interned Hundreds of Thousands of German, Italian, and Japanese US Citizens ------ Today's NJ Governor Chris Christie with approval rating at 19% Has Been Accused of Not Understanding Rights by Senator Paul Rand and Abusing the similar Patriot Act (and PRISM revealed by Snowden), now ineffectively reduced to the Freedom Act. .. critics and political dissenters currently describe the effects of these acts, orders, and resulting database network of Fusion centers as forming a veritable American police state that simply institutionalized the illegal ...

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Stains from NJ's Past Include ... is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Stains from NJ's Past Include Several Worst Serial Killers and Mob Hit Men in History With More Killings Than Any Other ------ Princeton NJ Menendez Brothers shotgun murders of wealthy parents affected all of US called Crime of Century with new 2017 Documentaries and Potential Retrial Following Family Friend OJ's Retrial Whose Original Trials Overlapped, also Most Famous Man in the World Lindbergh's baby kidnapping/murder in NJ. In numbers still don't Equal the 1,000 Abominably Killed by NJ State Eugenicist and Butcher of Buchenwald Edwin K Ellenbogen. Many more history's worst hail from Nearby New York City or Philadelphia. These 7 Evil People From New Jersey Left A Dark Stain On These 8 Famous Homicides In New Jersey Will Never Be ...

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NJ Police Long History of Prof... is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list New Jersey Dark History
NJ Police Long History of Profiling, Racial Profiling, Brutality, Excessive Force including Homicide, Severe Abuse and Misconduct, Support of Terrorism and Organized Crime, Obstruction of Justice including '93 WTC Bombing and September 11, 2001 Terror Attack(expand for links)------ 2017 Restoring Community Safety Act - increasing funding for programs that train and assist local police and federal against violence ----- Recent Overall 'F' Grade. 99% of complaints against police are unanswered in Central Jersey and Complaints against police are not taken in North Jersey - Bergen County Prosecutors Office criminally charges victims of police harassment and those accusing of corruption(ref NJ Complaint System Broken), Corrupt NJ State and Bergen County Police Known to Threaten Victims will Be Arrested if Attempt Report or Charge, Bergen County Prosecutor Refusing to Investigate Gov Christie for BridgeGate(i-expand), Federal Oversight Required for Civil Rights Violations, Officers Suing NJ Police Chief for Being 'megalomaniacical Despot', 'worst Corruption', ALL NJ STATE POLICE ARE NOW REQUIRED TO WEAR CAMERAS As of 2016 With Almost a Thousand Complaints a Year Including Severe Brutality and Death With Many While Off-duty and Poor History since Founding (Schwarzkopf/SAVAT/Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping/Death) ---- New Jersey State Trooper wins Federal Suit against New Jersey State Trooper Corruption - a Secret Society 'Lords of Discipline' perpetrating and continuing history of fraud, falsified reports, extortion and assaults on citizens of New Jersey((i)2007, 2012 “Breaking the Blue Wall: One Man's War Against Police Corruption”), Many New Jersey Police Found Guilty - one Given 5 years(ia), Articles On NJ State Police Brutality often Whitewashed from ------ Statistics show Both NJ State Troopers and Bergen County NJ Police Rank Singular Worst in US Highest (Over)Paid of any Police(ii), Among worst Police in US starting $130k/yr to over $200k in Englewood NJ(iii), 24 NJ Police Chiefs $200-$250k/yr, 10 in Bergen County Including Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Cresskill and Fort Lee(iv) -- Also NJ Governor Christie Charges and NJ Highest Corruption Entry and Entries on Schwarzkopf - Several-Times Police Pay Indicates Corruption Especially in Most Insolvent States (NJ) The State Police in 2011 punished more troopers for severe misconduct — from excessive force to falsifying ...

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Radium Corporation of Orange N... is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Radium Corporation of Orange NJ Near Newark Poisoned Thousands Women Workers Telling Safe While Making Women Severely Ill and Watching Die Slowly. US Radium Used X-ray Ruse to Disinform Public While NJ Doctors, Dentists and Researchers Complied With US Radium to Not Release Findings While US Radium (NJ) Accused Women of Syphilis to Smear Sick/dead Women. Inventor of NJ Plant Died 16th Recorded Victim of Radium Poisoning Denying Cause of Girls Deaths in His Factory. A Woman Victim Took 2 Years to Find a NJ Lawyer to Take On US Radium and NJ Courts Dragged On As Women Became Horribly Ill, Incapacitated, Paralyzed and Died--- NJ Courts Dragged on Over One Year As More Women Became Sick and Died - Exacerbating NJ Court Delays Causing Sickness and Death Continuing in NJ Today With Most Counties Having No Attorneys Who Fight Corruption - Example Bergen County Home of Worst Terrorists and Organized Crime ---- The Radium Girls saga holds an important place in the history of both the field of health physics and the labor rights movement. US Radium Corruption has Been Used by Radical Feminists and Corruption in NJ to Attack Unsuspecting Male Children. NJ Courts, Deputy Attorney Generals and Doctors Still Most Corrupt Today - '95 Massive Napp Chemical Explosion and Fire in Lodi Bergen County NJ Resulting in Mass Untreated Exposure Among Many Others in NJ and Recently Charged Bergen County Lodi Satin Dolls (Used for Soprano's Organized Crime Bada Bing Club) Cardinalle/Genovese Organized Crime NJ Waste Disposal Industry. From 1917 to 1926, U.S. Radium Corporation, originally called the Radium Luminous Material Corporation, was engaged in the extraction and purification of radium from carnotite ore to produce luminous paints, which were marketed ...

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The Most Infamous New Jersey S... is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list New Jersey Dark History
The Most Infamous New Jersey State Police Founder and Chief Colonel Norman Schwarzkopf (nazi-like Uniforms in 1921) Botched the Lindbergh Crime of the Century in March 1932 (fired in 1936) Later Created and Trained the Feared Iran SAVAK Police Known for Starting Torture and Killing in the Middle East As Part of the (illegal) 1953 Iranian Coup D'état to Install Who Became Worst Human Rights Violator in the World, the Shah of Iran, Orchestrated With Several "Iranian Fascists and Nazi Sympathizers" (click for Urls, Zahedi) ---- History/Accusations of Nazi'ism and Corruption Within New Jersey State Police (click for Urls) ---- New Jersey State Trooper wins Federal Suit against New Jersey State Trooper Corruption[1] - a Secret Society 'Lords of Discipline' within the NJSP perpetrating and continuing history of fraud, falsified reports, extortion and assaults on citizens of New Jersey(2007, 2012 “Breaking the Blue Wall: One Man's War Against Police Corruption”). One thousand complaints every year against New Jersey State Police, many severe[1c]. Many New Jersey Police Found Guilty with one recently sentenced to 5 years[2] ------- Assata Olugbala Shakur was found guilty of killing a New Jersey State Police officer by NJ's (outrageous) aiding and abetting law since she didn't shoot which occurred on the NJ Turnpike during a shootout also resulting in the killing of another Black Panther. She escaped prison and now lives in Cuba. Assata claims she was a victim of J. Edgar Hoover's illegal FBI COINTELPRO disinformation, disruption, defamation, neutralization and assassination program (JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm Black, ...)[C1] and while driving on the New Jersey Turnpike was pulled over and shot in the back with hands raised, left to die and tortured by Schwarzkopf/Nazi-like New Jersey State Police corroborated by UoC Professor Angela Davis and Assata's attorney NJ Rutgers' Professor Lennox Hinds[A, 2013]. In June 2017 a Women's March Defend's Assata[A2] ---- June 2017: NJ Governor Chris Christie and NJ Senator Menendez compelled President Trump to Demand Assata Shakur's extradition from Cuba Offering $2M For a contested NJSP Cop Killer[C2], actually aiding and abetting, who After 40 years was questionably put on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List in 2013 Along with the World's Top Terrorists[B] ------ So Assata is right up there with Osama bin-Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Abdul Rahman Yasin, al-Zarqawi, al-Zawahiri, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abubakar Shekau, Shamil Basayev, ... ---- Opps, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau and Chechen terrorist leader and "one of the most-wanted terrorists in the world" Shamil Basayev who orchestrated the Beslan school siege in which over 350 people, most of them children, were killed among other mass murders of hundreds and severe atrocities *didn't* make the FBI's Top Terrorists List but in 2013 Assata Shakur did with (continued?) FBI COINTELPRO and a contested NJSP 'shootout' where she didn't shoot from 1973 on the NJ Turnpike resulting in the death of one of each and her being shot (and tortured.) The CIA sent Major General Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr. to persuade the exiled Shah to return to rule Iran. Schwarzkopf trained the security forces that would become known as SAVAK to secure the shah's hold on power.[ The 1953 ...

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Englewood NJ in Bergen County ... is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Englewood NJ in Bergen County has Sister City Englewood IL in South Chicago Where Dr. H. H. Holmes Built "World's Fair" Hotel 'Murder Castle' Killing Over 200(1) now Site of Worst Post Office in US (also see Englewood NJ Post office below). Holmes sold Victim's organs and Skeletons to Hospitals and Universities. President McKinley Assassinated in Next "World's Fair" in Albany NY Where VP Teddy Roosevelt Was Governor Assumed Presidency, Vying his VP Taft 1912 Ended Republican Era Giving Democratic NJ Governor Wilson Presidency. Englewood Chicago Only 2nd in Murders to Camden NJ today. Charles Lindbergh Family Lived in Defended Morrow Mansion in Englewood NJ When 18 Month Baby Kidnapped Mar 1, 1932 After Paid Ransom Found Brutally Murdered May 12, 1932 By Nearby Unfinished and Undefended Hopewell NJ Estate Had Atypically Shortly Stayed(2). Grieving "Crime of The Century" to "World's Most Famous Man" Ended Lindbergh Jr Highest Ever Potential Political Career and Father-In-Law Mentor NJ Senator Dwight Morrow's Untimely Death months earlier in same Englewood Morrow Mansion gave Democratic NY Governor FDR Presidency in 1932(3). Prior to the early to mid 1960's the Democratic Party was strongly against the black vote and had KKK members (Lincoln started the Republican Party to fight slavery). Lindbergh turned constitutional age 35 and would have run for president on FDR's unethical 3rd of 4 Terms in 1940 were it not for his child's murder and father-in-law's sudden death. New Evidence Boy Overheard "Englewood" and "Bruno"[Zorn]. Unfinished Hopewell NJ Lindbergh Estate 10 Miles from Mad Doctor Cotton's NJ State Trenton Psychiatric Hospital Of Horrors Where 'victims' Screamed As Dragged to Operating Room Thousands Mutilated and Died(4). 1989 Serial Killer Joel David Rifkin left victim's head on Golf Course near Lindbergh Hopewell Estate and Similar Crimes Southern Jersey(5). Englewood NJ Schools Named After Lindbergh's Wife Ann Morrow Family. Elite Elizabeth Morrow School At Morrow Mansion (Breakdowns) and Public Dwight Morrow High School (Named after Senator Dwight Morrow, son Jr. Unstable) Most Illegally Segregated Schools in US(6). Dwight Morrow High School Violent and Uses 'Behavioral Modification' and Causing Illness With NJ DYFS/CPS(7, new fed charges) ------ Severe Harassment and Threats to Englewood residents by Englewood NJ Post Office (see Englewood Chicago Post Office) -------- Threats to Englewood residents by Englewood NJ Firemen and charges by adjacent Teaneck Fireman William Brennon against NJ Governor Christie for BridgeGate which were stopped by infamous Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal known for charging anyone complaining of corruption or abuse and New Jersey State Superior Court Judge Bonnie Mizdol who is actually one of the worst reputation Bergen County ASFA judges(8b-1, see also Entry #1 and below on ASFA and child abductions/kidnapping by the State) promoted and oversees her replacement even worse reputation now presiding Bergen County ASFA Judge Peter Melchionne(8b-2) who oversees bad reputation Englewood NJ Municipal Court Judge James Dow(8b-3) and prosecutor and police all found guilty of excessive cruelty and unusual conduct and wrongful punishment against a decorated Port Authority Police Officer who worked the Site of NJ BridgeGate which occurred just after(8), also charges against same Englewood judiciary/enforcement for extreme cruelty and torture to Englewood children - Allegations families and children were retaliated against and tortured when told they could not complain about Englewood judicial and enforcement corruption (Judge James Dow Jr, Prosecutor Gerald J. Oratio, Englewood Police) following decorated Port Authority Police Officers Charges against the City of Englewood - NJ US Judge Martini, who is actually a lowly NJ assemblyman who after losing was appointed as NJ Federal Judge by President George Bush as retalliation upon Democratic NJ Governor McGreevy when about to be removed from office for corruption stayed overlong to make Bush lose NJ but Bush won the presidency anyway without NJ, ruled Englewood Judge Dow and collaborators could not be prosecuted because no other similar incidents were shown (disingenuous) and Judge Martini ruled 'with prejudice' disallowing appeal above his New Jersey domain to keep US federal eyes from outside of NJ off(8) - US Justice Department refers to Judge Martini with disgust(8a), recent federal writs and charges against Bergen County Judge Melchionne (also obstructing justice for Englewood Judge Dow, police and prosecutor) were superceded by NJ Superior Judge Mizdol (actually Bergen County ASFA Judge) to again coverup and keep US federal eyes off terror, torture and child trafficking and organized crime trafficking and other State and Constitutional violations and offenses against the children of Englewood and New Jersey by all of the above(8c) -------- In 2012 Englewood Treated Houses of Religion Worse than Terror Houses(9). Englewood NJ Mayor Huttle and police supported Islamic terrorists (direct from Kadaffi in Libya, those very same firebombers were just sentenced to life in prison for terror in NJ just a few years later in Dec 2016 BCCH) and said could pitch tents in Englewood and not pay 1 million in owed backtaxes terrifying residents in 2009 when known they were firebombing throughout NJ and firebombing an Englewood NJ religious leader, while at the same time stopping synagogues from even being heard as houses of worship fraudulently forcing to pay millions in taxes after they complained to Englewood NJ and Mayor Huttle about allowing the Kadaffi tents next door while the FBI arrested Englewood Mayor Huttle's planning board construction code official Peter Abballe for bribery who coincidentally had helped the Libyans get construction permits in Englewood NJ(9). Other cases NJSP and Tenafly and Englewood police supported Islamic terrorists living in Englewood against Englewood residents. -------- Nov 1, 2016 Englewood Police Officer charged retaliation after reporting Jersey double dipping by Englewood police making over 6 figures double charging only placing certain [corrupt] officers at Dwight Morrow High School known for child abuse perpetrated by both Englewood Police and NJ DYFS (10). The Officer was internally investigated after he reported corruption by the Englewood Police Department, where it is common to charge those reporting crimes and corruption(10a) - The Bergen County Prosecutor Grewal was ruled disgraceful by NJ Courts for charging Complaining Victims -------- Englewood New Jersey Chief of Detectives Captain Sherman Murdered his Wife Shooting her in the head with his police gun on Christmas Eve Claiming Suicide and then He Committed Suicide himself as Arraigned(11) after victim's sister complained (18TH ANNIVERSARY TO THE DAY was JonBennet Ramsey's Horrible Christmas Eve Murder and cruel false accusations by police against her horrified grief stricken parents immediately followed by the enactment of Clinton's ASFA (entry #1) the next year used by the Clintons to abduct and kidnap children giving child ownership to the State with unconstitutional Parens Patriae(13), with the crime reminiscent of the similarly horrific Lindbergh child kidnapping/murder in Englewood/Hopewell with both involving RANSOM NOTES -------- $200k+/year Englewood Police Chiefs Have Long History of corruption. Englewood residents known to be targeted including by former Englewood police chiefs [Englewood Police: "Oh no, not them again they cause so much trouble..yes the Englewood Police Chiefs"] allegations terrorizing house wives and their children while husbands at work in Manhattan making false accusations of 2nd families, fraud based on the very close by Dumont NJ's worst serial killer in history - Richard 'The Iceman' Kuklinski(14) confirmed to have murdered over 200 people for Newark and NYC Crime Syndicates and Families and potentially getting away with for so long by infamous NJ corruption and who had a hidden 2nd life and whom Englewood Neighbors still threaten with to those who would report corruption, apartheid school regionalization and communities and organized crime with Dumont gangs still descending into Englewood such as to do 'yard work' to those threatened families resulting in crimes against them to this day -------- Englewood has order of magnitude more falsified DV and more fraudulent State Child Abductions with over 8,000 children still cruelly kidnapped/hostaged (according to Senator Schaefer, murdered with husband trying to stop ASFA with generally believed falsified SUICIDE NOTES and increasing death threats against them) in NJ this year making one of the most corrupt and organized crime ridden STATE OF NEW JERSEY almost $1 BILLION DOLLLARS PURE PROFIT EVERY YEAR from federal ASFA 'aid' alone ((13), your tax dollars) considered blood money by NJ resident victims with an absurdly inflated 500 mostly fraudulent DVs and child abductions per year with almost all allegations dropped as fraudulent or unsubstantiated while ASFA still gives the abducted children to the State of New Jersey for money until the DAY OF THEIR 18TH BIRTHDAY then throws them out without their parents who ASFA 'terminated parental rights' making Englewood police most with high school equivalency degrees a record in the US $138k/yr starting base salary and resulting in almost half of all homeless throughout the US today. The former Morrow/Lindbergh city often falsely claimed to be 'wealthy' actually has 4 sections with 1/4 wealthy, 1/4 average and 2 quarters 'low income' -------- Bergen County Prosecutor and Sheriff's Office Interfered With State of New Jersey Prosecution of Teaneck NJ (Adjacent Englewood) Police Officer after Coroner Testified Officer Shot and Killed Unarmed 16 Year Old in the Back While Hands Raised in front of a school 100 yards from Englewood and it's schools - Controversially Found Innocent leading to days of protests in the streets (see refs) -------- For years people and families in Englewood and other parts of New Jersey have been attacked and watched their children tortured while being unable to stop the crimes due to corrupt New Jersey police and judiciary by those fearing could expose corruption, hyper-segregated schools, corrupt support of Islamic Terror by authorities and organized crime. (1)Holmes the worst Serial Killer in History, Englewood Chicago (2) Baby Kidnapping Murder Englewood NJ (also ...

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Andrea Dworkin was born in Cam... is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Andrea Dworkin was born in Camden NJ in 1946 and became a famous radical feminist speaking, writing and authoring 10 books on the subject among others and speaking against pornography. She wrote "Are You Listening, Hillary? President Rape Is Who He Is". She was disliked by most liberal feminist activists ------ When Andrea was 9 she was molested in a movie theater in Camden NJ which has the highest violent crime rate in the US. When she was 10 her family moved nearby to Cherry Hill NJ still in Camden County which she wrote "experienced as being kidnapped by aliens and taken to a penal colony", not an uncommon view ------ Cherry Hill Homed the 6 Al-Qaeda NJ Fort Dix Attackers unfolding 2007 now serving life ------ Andrea Dworkin's radical feminist views have been used in Cherry Hill and elsewhere to propagate hate and abuse against men and spread radical liberal views across New Jersey and the entire Eastern US even though her intention was to stop abuse to women. Andrea Dworkin was a radical  feminist. She spoke strongly against Bill Clinton on both the ...

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New Jersey has a history of in... is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list New Jersey Dark History
New Jersey has a history of infamous disasters and tragedy from 400 deaths in the Hoboken Docks fire(1900), German Saboteurs (if not black flag) against former Governor Wilson's NJ for most war ammunitions and shipping in WW I (President Wilson Declared War April 4, 1917) from the Roebling Works fire in Trenton(1915), the 1 Kiloton Black Tom explosion in Liberty State Park(1916), the Kingsland explosion in the marshes of infamous Bergen County in Lyndhurst(Jan 11, 1917 - Commission found not German agent in 1931 - operator stayed behind miraculously saving thousands with no deaths) and the 6 Kiloton Gillespie Shell explosion in Sayreville killing hundreds and evacuating 62,000(1918), the Nitration Works Explosion Demolishing the Town of Nixon with Elizabeth now standing in it's place(1924), the Morro Castle boat fire killing 137 from Havanna to NYC beaching herself Asbury Park NJ resulting in today's safety standards(1934), the infamous Hindenberg disaster in Lakehurst NJ (not Lyndhurst NJ or NY) ending dirigible flight(1937) where 'Glad US didn't sell Germany Only Helium' Recently Exclaimed Over The Tragedy in NJ by Several State of New Jersey Employees(*)[Ed: not against civilians or in peacetime, Expand for Video], the Woodbridge train derailment from Exchange Place in Jersey City to Bayhead killing 80(1951), the 3 Elizabeth NJ plane crashes in under 60 days (1951-52), the post-Woodbridge Newark Bay train crash in Bayonne soaring off an open drawbridge with screaming passengers plunging to their deaths into Newark Bay and the Lucky 3 who survived in last and only car 932 which remained hanging - Picture Appeared in Morning Newspaper Decimating NJ Bookies as Hundreds won 600 to 1 lottery on winning '932'(1958), the Flanders F3 Tornado destroying a dozen homes(1973), the Elizabeth River Chemical control fire where 40,000 drums of dangerous chemicals were illegally stored in NJ(1980), the 6 Flags Haunted Castle fire in Jackson township NJ killing teens(1984), the lesson-learning Ford Dealership fire in infamous and dangerous Bergen County Capital Hackensack NJ killing firefighters(1988), the Durham Woods 'nuclear-like' blast in Edison NJ(1994) and the Napp Chemical Explosion and Massive Fire in Lodi Bergen County NJ resulting in Deaths, massive Saddle River fish kill from Chemical Runnoff and Countless Exposed to Chemical Smoke Fumes Untreated(1995, scary location of Bergen County's abusive DMV/MVC(**)), Hurricane Sandy killing 37 and widespread power outages and flooding Jersey Shore, Hudson Waterfront and Bergen County(2012) and the Seaside Park Fire Destroying 50 Recently Rebuilt Businesses(2013) -------- The 1993 and 2001 terror attacks were Sourced from NJ among others such as Fort Dix Al Qaeda Attack from Cherry Hill NJ to kill as many soldiers as possible(2007) and the Concurrent ISIS/Al Qaeda Attacks Including 3 Bombings in Seaside Park NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Chelsea/Manhattan NY (Homonymous 'Chelsea' Clinton) and nearby Police Shootout with Afghan Ahmad Khan Rahami from Elizabeth NJ and 10 Knife Attacks in Saint Cloud Minnesota Mall by ISIS Somali Dahir Adan near Lindbergh's Historic Home in Little Falls/Charles A. Lindbergh State Park (Sep 17-19 2016) ------ Home Pipe-Bombing of Nazi Soobzokov in Paterson NJ buried in Bergen County NJ(1985) -------- William Gow of Tenafly NJ (Adjacent Englewood), brother of the Last Person to see Charles Lindbergh III Alive and Nurse and Charge Betty Gow, Electrocuted Working PSE&G Lineman in Hackensack NJ on Sep 4, 1931 one month before NJ Senator and only Remaining Alive FDR competition Dwight Morrow Mysteriously Died Oct 5, 1931 (FDR's NY Lt. Governor Leehman Charity Dinner) Englewood in Bergen County NJ 5 months before Lindbergh's Baby Kidnapping/Murder Living in Same Home in Englewood NJ (and Hopewell NJ) Mar 1, 1932 -Ending Highest Political Aspirations --- (*) Reports The offensive remark among others was threateningly made by Several NJ State DYFS Workers And Officers in Bergen County Court House in the 385th Violent Crime Ranked (from top of NJ Safe Cities) Bergen County Capital of Hackensack NJ. (**)NJ legistlature found NJ DMV/MVC Unable to deal with fraud, corruption, theft and identity theft 'costing New Jersey and the nation millions of dollars per week' and 'furtherance of terroristic activities'(expand for links). Infamous Jersey Disasters - Hindenberg ...

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NJ Governor Chris Christie Cha... is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list New Jersey Dark History
NJ Governor Chris Christie Charged by Retired Teaneck Fireman Bergen County (after Sayreville Assemblyman Wisniewski) for BridgeGate Over Port Authority of NY and NJ GWB has the Worst Rating of Any Governor in Quinnipiac history(aa) -- Top US Senators, Congressmen, County Bosses, and Mayors of almost every major city in New Jersey have been convicted of crimes - explanation by Former mayor of Fort Lee and others in Most Corrupt State(1) --- NJ 3rd Most Insolvent State(a) Leads to Most Severe Corruption and Abuse Across State Including Political, Bureacratic (DYFS, VA, MVC(a1), ..), Judicial, Police/Criminal Justice, .. -- NJ Ranked Only Hated State & Only Prefer Friends to Children(b) -- NJ 7th 'Worst Possible State To Live In' by Residents & 4th Worst 'Best to Live In' and 41% NJ Residents Would Leave if Could(c) -- NJ Most Hate Crimes per Sq Ft, 447 Yr(d) -- NJ Worst 'More People Fleeing/Leaving Over Coming', NY 2nd(e) -- NJ 7th Worst Income Inequality(ee)-- NJ Most Corrupt State - Third Worst 'Reported Ranking' and Eighth 'Federal Corruption Convictions per Capita'(f) -- 2009 NJ Bust of 44 included 3 Mayors, 2 Assemblymen, 5 Rabbis including body parts, $97,000, ..(f1) NJ State Trooper vs Bergen County Police in Near Highway Shootout Suspected 'Police Impersonating' Carjackers(f1a) -- 2015 FBI: 'Organized Crime Alive & Well in NJ' because 'So Many From All Over the World Operating in the Garden State' including Sicilian, Asian, African, Russian and Eurasian Mobs(f2a), All 5 Organized Crime Families(f2b), one Inspired Sopranos(f2c), NJSP: ROC 457 Russian Arrests 5 yrs in Bergen County by far highest(f2d) and NJ Russian Mafia Drugs(f2e) - Reports Local/County North Jersey Police/Prosecutors/Judges Ignore and Attack Complaining, Reports Prefer Aliens and Illegal Aliens Similar to Sanctuary Cities - Bergen County Officials Quoted 'No one will believe you'(f2f) -- Al Qaeda and ISIS Arrested 'Jersey Jihad'(f3a Jul 2015) and 'ISIS Targeting Bergen County Schools' by FBI(f3b May 2015), Reports Terrorists Supported by Police Bergen County(f4) -- NJ Gov Chris Christie Worst Ratings in Quinnipiac History(g) -- NJ Police Paid Twice NJ Residents - Many over $200,000/yr Even Low Income Areas (often nearby massive income inequality used against all) 'Bad' Reputation Police Rated 'F' Brutality, Excessive Force - Bergen County and NJ State Troopers Worst 'Most 6 Figure Salaries' in all of US(h) -- NJ Schools Hyper-Segregated to Aparthied Rated Worst by Rutgers/UCLA(i) -- NJ Suicide 4th cause of death ages 15-24 NJ +25 Attempts Each, 719 suicides year, highest in decade, NY More Suicides than Murders(j) -- NJ Child Services DYFS Worst in US (Several) with Thousands of Complaints Per Year, "New Jersey v. V.M." Harvard on NJ DYFS Eugenic Continuation(k) -- NJ Required Anti-Bullying Laws to Fight Student Harm & Suicide(l) -- Reports 'NJ DYFS and Police Harming Victims of Bullying in Segregated Bergen County Schools', Medical Kidnapping Bergen County NJ Pediatricians/Cardiologists/DYFS/Police/'Family Courts'(m) -- Entire NJ Camden Police Force Fired(n) - highest Violent Crime and Murder Rate in US -- Report Bergen County Mega Crimes(o) A Mob-Defying Former Mayor Knows Why New Jersey Is So CorruptThe chief of Fort Lee turned down a $500,000 mob bribe in 1974. Forty years later, he explains what makes the Garden State so fertile for ...

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NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson Ena... is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list New Jersey Dark History
NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson Enacted New Jersey's Eugenics Laws in 1911 Written by His State Eugenicist Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen, Jewish Parentage, Became One of the 'Butchers of Buchenwald' Among the Worst of the Worst in Weimar Germany life imprisoned for his sole responsibility of the eugenic genocide of 1,000 among the thousands killed every week. NJ's Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen at Buchenwald, the worst of the worst in history - used to hurt the innocent in NJ Buchenwald and Nazi human experimentation, NJ's Edwin ...

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Trenton NJ's First State Publi... is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Trenton NJ's First State Public Psychiatric Hospital Remained a Chamber of Horrors Thru 1960 Even After Medical Director NJ Dr. Henry Cotton Died in 1933, Whereafter the state of NJ Continued To Routinely Maim and Mutilate thousands of patients while Killing Hundreds, Where Screaming Victims Were Dragged Into the Operating Room Where They Cut Out Teeth and Gallbladders, Stomachs, Colons, Testicles, and Ovaries. Thru 2010 The Hospital has the single highest rates of violence and patient restraint in NJ with 71% of all of NJ's high 157 patient-on-patient Assaults in 5 Years resulting in Major Injury Occurred at This Hospital ---- Psychiatric Institutes of America, operator of 73 hospitals and treatment centers across the nation, in 4 states including New Jersey decades ago over 200 complaints to police including State Attorney General saying hospitals hired "bounty hunters" who "kidnapped" patients with medical insurance. Children taken and suffer unimaginable terror, hospital refused to let parents see child threatening parents with DYFS/CPS, insurance runs out released child who returned to normal after days of terrifying seizures and attacks from extreme hospital abuse. Families charged in lawsuits that the hospitals kept patients against their will, or even against the wishes of their families, including, in one case, a 3-year-old child. Still goes on today in New Jersey and much worse when DYFS/DCPP involved. Charges of kidnapping, altering diagnosis, and altering of medical tally (expand for links) - Peter Alexis, former "administrator of the year" for Psychiatric Institutes of America, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and false-statement charges before U.S. District Judge Joe Kendall in Dallas. He said he helped bribe more than 50 physicians across the nation. He bought patients with at least $20 million in bribes to referring physicians and other health care professionals ... billed medicare for between $20 million and $40 million in bribes disguised as salaries. Mr. Alexis agreed to become a prosecution witness in a nationwide investigation, and prosecutors agreed not to seek additional charges against him. It was New Jersey's first public mental institution – and the place where one mad doctor's brutal methods turned the facility into a hospital of horrors.The Dark History of the Trenton Psychiatric ...

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While NJ is often ranked among... is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list New Jersey Dark History
While NJ is often ranked among the worst in each measure, NJ boasts the strongest anti-corruption laws, strongest laws to enforce school desegregation and strongest laws to protect children in schools - many of these laws are not enforced continuing to follow Wilson's ignoring constitutional law and 'rights as sentiment' as he saw fit and often misleading the nation. "As a consequence, New Jersey’s uniquely strong state law regarding racial balance in the schools has not been seriously implemented for the past 40 years." ...

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New Jersey 3rd Most Insolvent ... is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list New Jersey Dark History
New Jersey 3rd Most Insolvent State-Leads to Severe Corruption and Abuse Across State to Make More Money By Political, Bureaucratic (DYFS/CPS, VA, MVC, ...), Criminal Justice, Medical/Insurance,... ---- Most Insolvent: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Kentucky, Hawaii, California, Maine, New York and Maryland. All Core Democratic (Big Gov, Progressive Possible Expl.) Besides Kentucky With High Poverty ---- ".. Rank in the Bottom Five States, Largely from Low Cash On Hand and Large Debt Obligations. " Pension and Health. ------ Experience in NJ: Many Very Rich Don't Want to Pay Taxes to Pay for Poor including schools with Highest Income Inequality and Housing Cost Spread -- New Jersey Takes/Steals/Harms Higher Income Any Way Possible -- Highest Pay for 'F' Rated Police Often Incompetent/Abusive/Corrupt Do Anything Told -- Lowest Pay Judges-Leading to Judicial Power Corruption/Abuse/Harm (most 'terrible' to mankind' Montesquieu/Jefferson) -- NJ Judges Fraction Pay Other Lawyers, Far Less Than Bergen County Police Chiefs and Many Police at High School Equivalency With No Training -- State of New Jersey Police Only Two Training Requirements- 4 Hours Per Year Loading a Gun, 4 Hours Per Year Arrest -- NJ No Requirements On Police Education and No Testing or Certifications Required as in Every Other State - Not Even High School -- Lawyers Make Fortune in Highest Crime and Corruption State NJ-Reports Would Kill to Keep That Way in Bergen County -- NJ State Criminalizes and Harms Low Income, Breaks Families-Most NJ DV without reported Violence or Supported 'allegations' (1.5M out of 2.5M yr in US no reported violence)- decimating entire minority communities & Others-Head NJ Bar. State of NJ Takes Children for Money (Unconstitutional Extreme Abusive DYFS Violates 4th, 8th 10th, 14th, ..., gets $6k/child +$2k if made ill, plus auxiliary business) -- Many Lower/less Income Give Payback to All --- Rest Afraid and Suffering -------- Results in Most Violent Crime, Stealing, Drugs and Organized Crime -- Results Most Reported Suffering, Leaving/Fleeing, Most Wanting to Leave, Highest Suicide, .. -- Results in State of New Jersey *keeping That Way* to Maintain Resulting and Ever Worsening Status Quo -- Discourage Education, Severely Harm Children and Family -- State of New Jersey worst rated Illegal Segregation schools and people MAINTAINS INCOME INEQUALITY, TENSION & CRIMES TO ALL- PERFORMED BY CORRUPT NJ POLITICIANS/JUDGES/POLICE -- Case State of New Jersey (Bergen County) Officials and Corrupt State Police Tell People They Can't Leave Promising to Make Better Then Make Much Worse (Lists) Officials Quoted 'No one will believe you' and 'No one will listen to you' ****** Results in the Most Self-destructive and Ever Worsening State in Recorded History - Bottom Rated 5 to 10 States in Us Not Much Better - Illinois/Chicago, New York City, California(rebounding), Florida/Miami/Jacksonville, New Orleans, Indiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut -- Observation: 9 out of 10 Most Insolvent States Correlate With Highest Corruption, Crime and Income Inequality and are Core Democratic States (big government, progressive-non-traditional & non-republicanism) Including New Jersey -- Factions in Any Party Can Correlate to Policies Resulting in Issues or Solutions. 2017 Restoring Community Safety Act - increasing funding for programs that train and assist local police ...

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NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson's L... is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list New Jersey Dark History
NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson's Liberal Education stated Most People should be 'Mechanical Servants' with elite education being only for the few or 'we don't know what we are doing' and 'Rights Are Mere Sentiment'. Wilson is still the only US president to hold a PhD (and Princeton professor) although his State Eugenicist Edwin K. Ellenbogen was also a Phd and Harvard professor (and a Butcher of Buchenwald). NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson'We want one class of persons to have a liberal education and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and ...

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Horrific Punishment/Crime Medi... is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Horrific Punishment/Crime Medical Experiments/Dissection - Morristown NJ Local Judge & Cheering Crowd of 10,000 - Atrocious Signed Skinned/Head Artifacts Throughout Elite Morristown NJ Homes Today & Police Chief - Lessons for Drs Mengele/Vershuer and same Skinned artifacts Lampshades from Buchenwald Co-Commandant Ilse Koch and Buchenwald camp Doctor NJ State Eugenicist Edwin K Ellenbogen 'Butchers of Buchenwald'), Frankenstein & Idea for GI Joe McCullen Death Mask [Add NJ State Trenton Psychiatric Hospital and Medical Director Mad Dr. Cotton, Rockefeller Eugenic Twin Toxic Progeny 'Serology' Research and 6 kiloton Sayreville NJ blast killing hundreds and evacuating 62,000] ----- Murdered Morristown NJ farmer and Judge Samuel Sayre 4 gens removed from 1682 Salem Witch Trial juror of the same name (def. cursed) and 6th generation of Thomas Sayre Founder Southhampton part of NYC's Most Famous "The Hampton's" Beach - Horrific collection of killer Le Blanc now in Possession and Viewable by Chief of Police of Morris Plains NJ Douglas Scherzer ------ French Le Blanc wasn't paid for hard work living in dank basement murdered NJ Judge/Farmer Samuel Sayre, his wife Sarah and servant/slave Phoebe ---- After the crime was discovered le Blanc was tracked down, captured and tried. The local judge ordered him hanged and dissected. Le Blanc was hanged for his crime before over ten thousand witnesses on September 6, 1833. After his death, le Blanc was taken to a medical lab and experimented on with electrical currents. Later, his skin was "dissected" to be made into wallets, purses, lampshades, and book jackets. His face was made into a plaster mask. The death mask of Antoine le Blanc and some other products eventually passed to Carl Scherzer, a collector of 19th century artifacts ---- Now in possession by Douglas Scherzer, who is the Chief of Police of Morris Plains, NJ. Locale is Morristown NJ, Newark and Jersey City NJ where Le Blanc was captured ---- Nearby Sayreville NJ named after related 6th gen James Randolph Sayre - Sayreville 21 year Assemblyman in NJ State legislature John Wisniewski co-chaired and led the Bridgegate investigation against NJ Governor Christie announced his candidacy for the June 2017 Governor Primary. Sayreville was the site of the Gillespie Motor Shell explosions that killed over 100 people in New Jersey and yielded 1/2 the Hiroshima Atomic bomb blast shattering windows over 25 miles away in Manhattan and resulted in a declaration of martial law and forced evacuation of 62,000. The good doctors of Morris Plains NJ .. efforts to advance medical science, a death mask likeness of Le Blanc’s face was cast in plaster. Then it was time to carve him up. Le Blanc’s skin was peeled off and dispatched to the ...

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Madison Grant Whose Parentage ... is listed (or ranked) 21 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Madison Grant Whose Parentage Includes a NJ Governor and Father a NJ Civil War Hero/Surgeon (also descendant New Netherland Founder), from Manhattan/NYC Wrote "Passing of the Great Race" in 1916(1) 2 yrs after start WW I and 1 Yr Before Wilson's Entry, Which Later Became "Hitler's Bible" with Quotations Included in Mein Kampf(1925-26) Written After Germany Given Full Blame for the First World War, PotGR was first to be distributed throughout Germany and Laid the Blueprint for Eugenic Genocide in the Second World War. America's Top Science Leader Henry Fairfield Osborn from CT Wrote the abominable Forward in 1916 which the World's Medical Community were already Following-PotGR: Inheritably Disabled, Mentally ill & Blacks/Jews/Socialists/Eastern Not people and responsible for All Society's Ills Including Germany who lost Nordic Blood-Only 9M are 'purely Teutonic' out of 70M Caused all problems in Germany since 30 yr War With Polish Jewish 'Worst'(Churchill's 'Phoney War' to "Help Free Poland" only pushed Hitler West and 'Winter War' North after Poland Invasion started Europe WW II) ---- Grant also crafted the US Immigration Act of 1924 disallowing 'undesired' races until 1960s and anti-miscegenation laws ---- 'The German sterilization program is apparently an excellent one, .. Taken altogether, recent developments in Germany constitute perhaps the most important social experiment which has ever been tried.' H.F. Osborn Secretary of the American Eugenics Society, 1937(2) -- “Eugenic goals are most likely to be achieved under another name than eugenics.” Henry Osborn: 1968(3) ---- The Second and Third International Eugenics Conferences were held at Osborn's Museum of Natural History in West Manhattan With Grant. Osborn's BA and Sc.D from NJ's Ivy League Princeton (Wilson Princeton Chair & Professor) and Professorship at West Manhattan's Ivy Columbia (Grant was Ivy CT Yale and Columbia) and with some Study at Cambridge and Osborn joined T. Roosevelt's Boon and Crockett Club Along with Madison Grant Hunted Conserved or Endangered Species by Thinning - 'Helped Them' (A.H.) -Grant became one of America's Most famous Conservationists-Manhattan's Sickly Young Taxidermist Theodore Roosevelt and NJ Confederate Supremicist/Progressive/Authoritarian/Interventionist/Manifest Destiny-Exceptionalist((Pre-)Fascist-Like)(NJ Gov)Wilson Formed the new 'Progressives'(*). West Manhattan is just across the (Henry) Hudson River (6th Dutch Voyage marooned the NY/NJ Discoverer with Children to Die) from NJ with Wilson and Morrow/Lindbergh just the other side. The First Eugenics Conference was held in London just after Galton's Death by Leonard Darwin, Charles' Son ---- Among Madison Grant's Closest Friends were Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both Grant and FDR were Chronically Crippled from disease from their 20's in Wheelchairs Yet Grant Continued The Eugenic Crusade until Death, With Eugenics Unethical Medical Research Including Virology/Immunology/Biowarfare ------ (*) Called Liberal Progressives today, or more commonly 'Liberals' - Examples Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Progressive Interventionism by both Bushes(Iraq Wars). Wilson was raised a Confederate, first remembered words 'Lincoln elected and war was coming' and standing by General Robert E. Lee as taken away in chains. (1) NJ/NYC Madison Grant, 4th ed 1936. Forward by Henry Osborn. Most Horrendous - Extreme racism, severe against Polish Jewish (preceding Auschwitz). Search 'Polish', many scary entries ...

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Nj Governor Wilson's First Act... is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Nj Governor Wilson's First Act after becomming US president Was to Segregate All Federal Offices in Washington Dc, Not Even Done During Slavery. NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson was the first Jacksonian Democrat (old proslavery) since Lincoln to become president, with his first act segregating all federal offices in Washington, DC. .

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New Jersey Has Ranked Among th... is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list New Jersey Dark History
New Jersey Has Ranked Among the Most Corrupt in the Nation, With NJ Governor Mcgreevy Removed from Office Over Hiring and Then Firing an Unqualified Israeli Citizen Cipel to Run Homeland Security for NJ Where Both World Trade Center Attacks including 9/11 Originated Who Then Charged Mcgreevy for a Secret Homosexual Affair Which Brought Down the NJ Government (and Mcgreevy's Marriage). New Jersey's Jim McGreevey: America's most corrupt governor? .

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Woodrow Wilson saw to the Raci... is listed (or ranked) 24 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Woodrow Wilson saw to the Racialist Movement as the first Jacksonian Democrat, the slavery party, since Lincoln's assassination to become president and started a Chain Reaction from NYC's Madison Grant and abomination "Passing of the Great Race" to Hitler's Bible and Eugenic Genocide.

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Former NJ Governor Woodrow Wil... is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Former NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson as President with Both Houses Democrat Introduced the Income Tax (Revenue Act 1913) Just After 16th Amendment Lowering Tarrifs for Free Trade and Signed the Federal Reserve (Act) with Appointed Board, Advisory and Head Dec 1913 selecting his friends to run the new private 'Federal' Bank and Dollar ---- Income Tax/Fed Supported Internationalization ---- Hamiltonian Centralization (stability, elasticity, credit, reverse panics) verses Jeffersonian Democracy (no government/financier control or profiteering, speculation, cause panics) ---- Today Libertarians and Tea Party Seek to Repeal 16th Amendment & Trump Contract has Massive Tax Reduction and Simplification -------- In 1917 Minnesota Representative Charles A. Lindbergh Sr brought articles of impeachment against members of the Federal Reserve including Paul Warburg and William Harding charging they were involved " a conspiracy to violate the Constitution and laws of the United States..." - On his deathbed Wilson Reputed to Say The Fed was worst mistake of his life -------- The Supreme Court Had to Override Wilson to Regain Freedom of Speech - Wilson Melted Printing Plates for Lindbergh's "Why is Your Country at War?" in 1917 - Income Tax Beneficial US WW I Avoid Crippling Loan Repayments Other Beligerants (War Participants) Post WW I Germany - Wall Street's J.P. Morgan Financed French War Effort and Loaned England (Links) - Easy War Financing? ------ Expand Links & Fed Conspiracy Theory 35 Year Prof Marlis, City UoNY 9/21/16 Eroding public confidence in the central bank. As the Fed has hesitated to raise rates, there is a growing debate about its credibility. Many economists and investors say the Fed's hesitancy to raise rates -- and ...

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Nj Governor Mcgreevy Hired and... is listed (or ranked) 26 on the list New Jersey Dark History
Nj Governor Mcgreevy Hired and Then Fired His New Jersey State Police Chief Santiago (a Minority Placement and Newark, Trenton Police Director) Over Alleged Organized Crime Connections in Newark and a Questionable Background. Though well-known and respected throughout New Jersey law enforcement circles, Santiago's five decades in the field have not been without controversy. After leaving the Newark Police Department, Gov. James McGreevy appointed ...