Graveyard Shift

There Is Evidence This House In New Jersey Is Stalked By A Paranormal Entity Called 'The Watcher'

The Broaddus family was sure they'd found their dream home when they bought a sprawling historic house in 2014. Little did they know that this seemingly perfect Westfield, NJ, house also came with a house stalker. An entity known as the Watcher haunts this home, and has sent letter after letter containing creepy threats to residents. Even more frightening, this Watcher speaks about himself as if he's some paranormal entity, or even the house itself, leading to theories that he is not even a real person, but a malicious spirit or creature.

There have been haunted places in New Jersey before, but the Watcher stands out among them as more than just an urban legend. Police have been involved, though they have found nothing, and the letters keep coming. For the family that moved in there, it has been like a real life nightmare ever since they got the first letter.

But what do these letters say? Who or what is the Watcher? Why won't locals talk about it? There are more questions than answers, but no matter how you look at it, the Westfield Watcher house is more of a nightmare home than a dream home.