15 People Reveal Red Flags They Came Across When Starting A New Job

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Don't let the excitement and the nervousness of the first day at your new job blind you. There are plenty of red flags at a new job to look out for, and these people are sharing their stories. Read on to learn how to recognize new job red flags, and vote up the very worst ones.

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    All Their Co-workers Were New To The Company

    From a Redditor:

    Everyone I talked to had only been there a month or two. Turns out, full employee turnover happened almost once a quarter.

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    They Suddenly Had A Lot Of Responsibilities That Weren't Mentioned

    From Redditor u/JohnyUtah_:

    Having a bunch of responsibilities piled on me that were not mentioned or hinted at in the interview process... at all.

    There was a reason the position had such a high turnover. They didn't want to pay someone what the work was actually worth. So they'd lie in the interview process and just hope that the person needed the money so badly they'd just stay and put up with it. Luckily, I wasn't in that position. Packed up my stuff on day three and walked out the front door. Send my lead a text that said, "see ya."

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    Co-workers Confessed That The Boss Had Made Them All Cry

    From Redditor u/skeeterbitten:

    Comments from co-workers that I almost thought were jokes to start.

    About a week into a job within a very small group at a big company (we basically were a separate unit), the guy who sat next to me started occasionally asking if I was thinking of quitting yet. I was in the honeymoon phase with my new boss, so the boss was not showing me how he really ran things and I thought it was a joke. As an extra FU to said awful boss, said guy and I quit the same week. Mostly the few other folks were foreign and scared to say much because of cultural differences or needing the work visa.

    A few days in, the super-macho guy in the group told me, in all seriousness, that eventually the boss would make me cry in front of the group, but not to feel bad because it had happened to everyone at least once. Another guy nodded in agreement.

    I had horrible nightmares for a long time after quitting.

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    They Weren't Allowed To Do The Job They Were Hired To Do

    From Redditor u/SapphireWych:

    Was hired at a small company that sold lawnmowers and similar equipment to do marketing and PR. I was told that my job would be to manage their social media and put together a few small events.

    The first red flag was when the owner told me I needed to start making cold calls to sell the lawnmowers; this was neither in my job description nor did I have any training or education about the products.

    The second red flag was when, despite every suggestion I made about ways to market the company (all of which were free or very cheap to do), the owner said that not only were they too expensive but that the work I was doing wasn't worth the money he was paying me (which was very little).

    I quit after only two months and the company went under soon after.

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    They Had To Sign An NDA Agreeing To Not Review The Company Online

    From Redditor u/rloch:

    Part of the nondisclosure agreement I had to sign included a clause about not reviewing the company on sites like Glassdoor for six months after leaving the company. It was quickly obvious that the owner was extremely toxic and the company was backed up against a wall due to being extremely late on projects for customers. I was there for maybe a month before I told the owner I could not work with him anymore and walked out.

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    Co-workers Were Quitting Left And Right

    From Redditor u/dedeenxo:

    I had gotten hired at a small law firm, and three of the assistants quit within the next three weeks. I knew those were red flags but convinced myself to stay because I needed experience and then I can leave. The firm underpaid all their staff members and overworked them for no appreciation. The paralegal/supervisor should have just been titled a professional delegator. It was a pretty toxic place to work.