The Best Love Songs Of 2022

Where's the love y'all, c'mon! Whether you're currently in a relationship or swiping right on the apps, this playlist is bound to strike you with Cupid's arrow. 2022 marks a fresh romantic chapter for all of us with new music on the horizon to keep us hopeful for a year filled with love. From Yung Bleu and Ne-Yo's soulful "Walk Through The Fire" to Kygo and DNCE's feel-good banger "Dancing Feet," 2022's hit love songs are bound to give us dewy eyes, warm hearts, and happy tears. 

If you're wondering, "where can I find the best 2022 love songs?" then we've got you covered with our rankings below. Vote for your favorite new releases, and be sure to return weekly for more top love-laced singles.

  • Forever My Love

    Forever My Love

    J Balvin & Ed Sheeran
    50 votes
  • Nervous


    Maren Morris
    33 votes
  • My Valentine

    My Valentine

    Michael Bublé
    86 votes
  • Love It When You Hate Me (feat. blackbear)

    Love It When You Hate Me (feat. blackbear)

    Avril Lavigne
    60 votes
  • Walk Through The Fire (feat. Ne-Yo)

    Walk Through The Fire (feat. Ne-Yo)

    Yung Bleu
    62 votes
  • Brown Eyes Baby

    Brown Eyes Baby

    Keith Urban
    11 votes