18 Creepy Ghost Stories And Legends From New Mexico

When most people hear "creepy New Mexico stories," their initial reaction usually includes phrases like "Roswell" and "aliens." But while UFO sightings and potential alien landing sites are definitely a part of the state's freaky history, New Mexico offers numerous creepy legends and myths worthy of an entire season of The X-Files.

Stemming from local myths and histories, some of these tales are ghost stories involving individual spirits haunting their former mansions, while others focus on large groups of entities haunting places where they were harmed or slain. Still other legends deal with unexplained phenomena like the Taos Hum and a possible gateway to Hell - in other words, if you're looking for a spooky good time, New Mexico is the place to be.


  • A Demonic Ghost Appears At Crossroads

    This story involves a creepy ghost named La Mala Hora. She has the face of a demon, glowing red eyes, and pointed teeth. She appears at country crossroads after dark, and she is only seen by those traveling alone.

    Some say she is a dangerous demon who enjoys terrorizing humans by paralyzing them or turning them insane. Other legends describe this creepy ghost as an omen of doom. If you see her, then someone in your life will perish very soon. 

  • Spirits Of Miners Linger In A Ghost Town

    Spirits Of Miners Linger In A Ghost Town
    Photo: Wallace Schultz / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    Dawson, New Mexico, doesn't really exist anymore because the town was abandoned after two major disasters. The only thing left of the old mining town is the Dawson Cemetery. The small town thrived in the late 1800s, but tragedy struck in 1913 when an explosion took the lives of nearly 300 miners. Ten years later, another explosion took the lives of 123 men. The company closed down the mine, and Dawson became a ghost town soon after.

    Now, visitors see misty apparitions and glowing lights near the cemetery gravestones. Legends say these lights are the headlights of the ghostly miners' helmets. 

  • An Eerie Humming Noise Plagues Taos Residents

    An Eerie Humming Noise Plagues Taos Residents
    Photo: Yul Bratcher / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    This one is less of a story and more of a phenomenon. 

    According to a number of New Mexicans, the town of Taos is home to a creepy, endless humming sound that certain residents and visitors are able to hear. Those who can hear it describe the sound as something similar to a "far-away diesel engine." The sound was so prevalent that a group of citizens petitioned Congress to investigate the noise in 1993.

    Even creepier: this humming sound is a worldwide phenomenon. Is it caused by ghosts? Aliens? Giant evil gods? We may never know. 

  • A Love Triangle Gone Wrong Left A Mark On An Old Restaurant

    A Love Triangle Gone Wrong Left A Mark On An Old Restaurant
    Video: YouTube

    In Corrales, New Mexico, the Rancho de Corrales is an old Spanish estate. Several years after Louis and Louisa Emberto purchased it, however, a shootout occurred on the property as the result of a love triangle gone wrong.

    Later, the estate became a restaurant seemingly haunted by the tormented couple. People heard voices and saw a woman dressed in 19th century clothing moving through the property.

    Unfortunately, the property was wiped out during a fire in 2012, taking the haunted legend with it.