New Movies You Should See In Theaters

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Vote up the movies that are a must-watch in theaters.

Looking for what new movies to watch in theaters? This list has got you covered with the latest releases on the big screen. Fans just like you vote up the must-watch movies that are in a theater near you. This has become a harder decision with streaming services releasing movies on their platform the same day they are released in theaters. That is why this list is updated each week with the latest blockbusters that your living room TV won't do justice. It's undeniable that some movies need the impressive sound system and large format screening that theaters have to offer. Maybe you're going with friends, your whole family, or it's time for a movie theater date night. But which of these new movies should you pay the price of admission to go see?

Vote up the movies you think other film fans should watch on the silver screen and vote down any you think other movie goers should skip. Then be sure to check back for upcoming and new movies to vote on your favorites to help out other cinephiles.