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The Most Disturbing Things On Display At The New Orleans Museum Of Death

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Most people get their true crime fix via podcasts, in-depth reads, or investigative documentaries. The opportunity to view a piece of morbid memorabilia in person is incredibly rare. But the Museum of Death is changing that - it aims to remove the stigma around life's inevitable end by displaying incredibly macabre items. At the museum's New Orleans location, visitors can view the belongings of notorious figures, videos of autopsies, and even plaster face masks of infamous individuals.

The museum also has a location in Los Angeles, CA. However, given New Orleans's spooky history - which includes the horrific exploits of figures like Madame LaLaurie - there's little question why the city is home to some of the nation's most macabre and disturbing artifacts. Because these two museums feature different exhibits, enthusiasts will certainly want to visit both locales.

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    Videos Of Horrific Accidents

    Perhaps the museum's eeriest feature is a video display of horrific accidents. Visitors can see police officers surrounding the mangled victim of a wreck; in another video, a motorcycle rider plummets to his demise while performing a stunt.

    This loop of gruesome videos is set to grandiose orchestral music.

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    Underwear Worn By Aileen Wuornos On Death Row

    One of the more personal items in the museum is a pair of underwear Aileen Wuornos wore while awaiting capital punishment. Wuornos suffered a troubled childhood and was taken into custody numerous times for myriad offenses.

    In the late '80s and early '90s, Wuornos solicited herself to travelers as she hitchhiked across highways in the southern United States. She took the lives of seven truck drivers in a one-year period and received a capital sentence in 1992. 

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    Clown Artwork By John Wayne Gacy

    John Wayne Gacy claimed the lives of more than 30 young men, whose remains he hid in a crawlspace beneath his home. Gacy performed at children's birthday parties as a clown named Pogo and also painted clown artwork.

    The museum acquired some of his artwork and now displays it above a series of gruesome photos.

  • The Recruitment Video For The Heaven's Gate Cult
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    The Recruitment Video For The Heaven's Gate Cult

    Heaven's Gate was a cult that began in the mid-1970s and ended in the early '90s after 39 of its members simultaneously took their own lives. In their recruitment video, the cult's leader, Marshall Applewhite, stands wide-eyed and unblinking against a curtain as he describes the beliefs of Heaven's Gate.

    The video is on display at the New Orleans museum.