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The Best New PC Games Of 2021

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Here are the best new releases for PC. Including remastered games and anticipated sequels, this votable list of 2021 PC games feature popular titles, like Oddsworld: Soulstorm, Hitman 3, Little Nightmares 2, and Marvel's Avengers. What are your favorite new PC video games of the year?

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    Set during the 21st Century, players embark on a journey to the hostile planet of Enoch in order to discover the source of a mysterious signal.

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    A continuation of 2014's Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Abe returns in order to save his fellow mudokons from slave labor.  

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    The eighth main installment features Agent 47 making "business trips" to new locations, like Dubai, Chongqing, and Berlin.

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    In the horror platformer sequel, Six is joined by new player character Mono as they explore a 2.5D world filled with puzzles.

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    The single-player adventure puzzle game has players switch between a 2D and 3D world where they have to navigate and pass through two realities interlaced with black and white imagery.

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    Taking place in 270 BC, the game tasks players to conquer the world by diplomacy or waging war.

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    The jolly couch co-op party game tasks players to raise wacky buildings all over the cosmos for the glory of apekind.

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    The action-adventure indie game has players face the brutal trials and dangerous creatures in order to sever the gods’ callous grip on humanity.

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    The third installment of this series features 9 more customizable gameplay classes for all out warfare in a quaint and quiet neighborhood.

  • 10

    Ride 4


    The fourth installment of the high octane Ride series features dynamic weather, time of day, endurance racing, and pitstops.

  • 11

    The 8-bit indie game follows a cybernetic ninja named Shadow who sets out to rescue his clan in a world overrun by machines.

  • 12

    Based on the Shadowman comic book series, Michael LeRoi becomes a voodoo warrior called the "Shadowman", charged with protecting the living world from threats from the Deadside.

  • 13

    Set in ancient China, this indie game has players hack and slash their way through Chinese history, and mythology.

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    The indie co-op racing game has players race through obstacles as its being built.

  • 15

    The seventh game in the SaGa series, players are tasked to explore a group of worlds with varying degrees of culture, unique races, technology, and magic.

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    A spin-off from the Drakengard series, the game features find a cure for an illness, known as the Black Scrawl.

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    Ciel Nosurge


    The simulation game tasks players to enter a broken world to help a girl with amnesia regain her memories.

  • 18

    It Takes Two


    The action-adventure co-op game tasks players to cooperate each other and utilize special abilities in order to progress through levels.

  • 19

    Stranger of Sword City


    Set in a world that combines magic and technology, this dungeon crawler has players explore, level up, and slay monsters.

  • 20

    Ar Nosurge


    Set on massive space station traveling through space, Delta and Casty goal is to protect humanity and save the world.

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    The next installment of the Resident Evil series, Ethan Winters is kidnapped to a mysterious European village and has to rescue his daughter and escape the village.

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    In the sequel set three years after the first game, Reisalin Stout continues her research and investigation of a mysterious stone.

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    The indie game arms players with a legendary harpoon, and tasks them to lead castaways out of a hostile country and back to their homelands.

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    The dungeon-crawler action role-playing game has players reach the depths of the Necromancer's dungeon to bring Koko back from the dead, no matter the cost.

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    Adapted from the light novel series, Re:Zero, follows Subaru Natsuki who is transported in another world and his exploration in this new fantasy world.