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Once the best progressive rock bands were firmly established, there were several waves of prog rock that occurred after the genre became firmly entrenched in the minds of both female and male listeners. One wave of progressive rock included the new prog era. Also known as new progressive rock bands, these more modern groups emerged in the 2000s, well after the first wave. The new prog rock bands had more of an alternative music influence, but also incorporated progressive rock and had an expansive sound. Unlike other progressive rock singers and instrumentalists, new prog artists are more speed metal and punk-driven.

So, what are the best new progressive rock bands? For starters, any list of new prog rock bands must include the names Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, and Muse. These bands take traditional prog rock, like the theatricality of the live show, and put their own twist on them. These bands are among the biggest in progressive rock, and their status on this list shouldn't be too surprising.

That said, it's up to you to determine which old school and current new prog rock bands are the best. This list answers the questions "who are the best new prog bands of all time?" and "who is the greatest new prog musician ever?" If you know enough about the genre, please vote based on the quality of the bands' music (albums and songs) instead of just voting for the most popular new prog bands that you might've heard of.

Most divisive: Muse
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  • Porcupine Tree

    Fusing elements of psychedelic rock, electronica, and heavy metal, this English band has become a leading force in the New Prog genre. Their intricate song arrangements and evocative lyrics have earned them a dedicated fan base, while their groundbreaking albums such as "In Absentia" and "Fear of a Blank Planet" showcase the band's ability to push progressive rock into new territories. With their daring experimentation and top-notch musicianship, they have left an indelible mark on the prog-rock landscape.

  • Steven Wilson
    434 votes

    As the mastermind behind Porcupine Tree and a prolific solo artist, this musician has been hailed as one of the most important figures in modern progressive rock. His solo work showcases his exceptional guitar skills, haunting vocals, and a keen ear for crafting complex yet accessible compositions that draw from various genres such as ambient, electronic, and metal music. With numerous critically acclaimed albums under his belt and collaborations with other renowned artists like Opeth and Anathema, he has solidified his status as a leading force in the New Prog movement.

  • Riverside
    354 votes

    Hailing from Poland, this band expertly melds atmospheric soundscapes with darkly poetic lyrics to create a unique brand of progressive rock. Their distinctive blend of melancholic melodies, heavy riffs, and intricate rhythms have earned them comparisons to bands like Porcupine Tree and Tool. As pioneers of the New Prog scene in Eastern Europe, they have amassed a devoted following and continue to push the boundaries of modern progressive music.

  • Opeth
    308 votes

    This Swedish band has gained worldwide recognition for their seamless fusion of death metal, progressive rock, and folk music elements. Known for their intricate compositions and virtuosic musicianship, they have consistently pushed the envelope with each new release, exploring new sonic territories while maintaining a strong connection to their roots. With their genre-defying approach and fearless experimentation, they have become one of the most respected and influential acts in the New Prog scene.

  • Marillion
    199 votes

    Often credited with reviving progressive rock in the 1980s after its decline in popularity during the previous decade, this British group has consistently evolved their sound throughout their long career. From their early neo-progressive roots to their more recent experimentation with alternative rock styles, they have demonstrated a willingness to challenge conventions while maintaining their signature melodic and lyrical depth. Their tireless innovation and dedication to their craft have garnered them a loyal fan base and solidified their place in the annals of New Prog history.

  • Since forming in 1999, this English band has honed a distinctive sound that combines atmospheric soundscapes with catchy hooks and intricate arrangements. Often compared to bands like Radiohead and Porcupine Tree, they have earned a reputation for their emotionally charged lyrics and innovative songwriting. Their ability to create memorable melodies while pushing the boundaries of progressive rock has made them one of the genre's most exciting acts.