Science 16 Recreational Drugs That You Don't Know About Yet  

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People are always looking for the next greatest high. Although the classics - marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms, heroin, acid, ecstasy, and meth - have been around for decades, people are starting to get bored with the same old thing. Oftentimes, we try to seek out new and impressive ways to get high, and these new recreational drugs are some of the many instruments we've used to try and get wasted.

Naturally, with the progression of technology and chemistry, the world of recreational drugs has advanced as well. These new controlled substances do everything - from speeding you up, to slowing you down, to taking you to a new plane of existence. Some of these mind-blowing, mind-altering substances are even rumored to give women instant orgasms. 

Although some of these drugs were popular years ago, they're definitely making a comeback in the world of mainstream drugs. Although we can't encourage you to go out and try some of these fascinating new street drugs, we can encourage you to do some more research and learn all you can about these advancements in recreational drugs. Vote up the most interesting new recreational drugs on the market, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
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This leaf has been used in Thailand for centuries as both a pain reliever and a fun, recreational drug. They usually mix it in a drink called 4 x 100. It can be used as either a stimulant or a depressant, depending on how you use it, and how much you take. It also does an incredible job at blocking your pain receptors, should you be in any kind of agony. Many people are calling for it to be used to help wean pain killer addicts off traditional pain pills like Vicodin and Oxycodone. It is used primarily in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Thailand. 
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Orgasm Mushrooms

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This mushroom has been all over the news lately, and many are calling bullshit. But even in the most negative of studies, a whopping 50% of women surveyed experienced simultaneous, sudden orgasms! That's more than enough cause to investigate this little Hawaiin fungi further. Sorry, dudes; men allegedly don't experience any highs or other pleasures from this 'shroom. 
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Mescaline is a hallucinogen derived from the Peyote cactus. It's been used since the beginning of written history by tribes in Northern Mexico and the South Western United States. The plant produces a euphoric, dream-like state with vivid visuals. To ingest mescaline, remove the button-shaped discs on top of the cactus. Soak the buttons in water to produce an intoxicating liquid, or simply chew them up and swallow. 

Mescaline or 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine is a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid of the phenethylamine class, known for its hallucinogenic effects similar to those of LSD and psilocybin. It shares strong structural similarities with the catecholamine dopamine. It occurs naturally in the peyote cactus, the San Pedro cactus and in the Peruvian torch, and as well in a number of other members of the Cactaceae plant family. It is also found in small amounts in certain members of the Fabaceae family, including Acacia berlandieri. ...more on Wikipedia

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Opana is an opioid pain medication. It's a highly powerful, euphoria-causing pain reliever. Basically, it's the new Oxycontin. It's extremely popular in Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and other pockets of the US.
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