The Best Rock Songs Of 2022

Who doesn't wanna rock n' roll all night throughout 2022?! From Jack White's latest album Fear of the Dawn to the Scorpions' comeback Rock Believer, this year's got a lot of awesome rock music dropping every week. Heck, even the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Machine Gun Kelly, and Slash released hardcore new projects!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by this mind-blowing influx of new rock music, then use our curated playlist as a starting point for your next cross-country trip or wild night out. And if you're still wondering, "where can I find the best 2022 rock songs?" then check back next week for even more fire ear candy. Vote below for your favorite hit singles released this year, and be sure to return weekly for more head-banging rock songs.

Ranked by
  • Black Summer

    Black Summer

    337 votes
  • Planet Zero

    Planet Zero

    267 votes
  • Won't Stand Down

    Won't Stand Down

    284 votes
  • Daylight


    156 votes
  • Rock Believer

    Rock Believer

    226 votes
  • The Steeple

    The Steeple

    169 votes