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The Best Recent Spy Shows and Movies

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List RulesVote up the most entertaining newer films & shows (including streaming series) about spies & the CIA.

The spy movie and film genre has included some of Hollywood's greatest films of all time. Classics like Dr. No, the first James Bond film and many others have been found on lists of the best spy films of all time. While there are some newer Bond films out there, they don't make up the bulk of recent spy shows and movies available today. Don't worry, there's definitely some Bond found here, but this list explores some of the newer fare in the spy genre, which can be about anything from CIA operatives to small organizations of spooks working behind the scenes to make the world safe from tyranny.

Some recent inclusions into the spy genre include Matt Damon's breakout performance as Jason Bourne in the original Bourne Identity and its sequels. If you're more interested in a comedic take on the genre for the small screen, shows like FX's Archer will definitely scratch that comedic/spy itch in a brilliantly-animated style. Whatever your preference, there are some amazing spy TV shows and films to watch while waiting for the next installment in the James Bond franchise.

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