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Steven Avery's Lawyer Identified A New Suspect In 'Making A Murderer' Case 

Ryleigh Nucilli
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All you Making a Murderer fans better gather round and put on your best sleuthing gear – because a lawyer in the Steven Avery case just introduced a bombshell new filing to the court. On Wednesday June 6, 2017, Avery's attorney, Kathleen Zellner, filed a 1,000-page motion for post-conviction relief, calling for a new trial for Avery in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The lengthy motion points the finger at murder victim Teresa Halbach's ex-boyfriend.

This new suspect in the Making a Murderer Steven Avery case is Ryan Hillegas, a man Halbach dated for five years – until he became violent and experienced jealous rages he directed at her. Along with the implication that Hillegas may have colluded with police, the filing describes his violence toward Halbach and lots of suspicious behaviors he committed in the wake of her disappearance. After Zellner's filing, will Steven Avery get a new trial? It's too early to say, but along with the missing evidence in Avery's case and Zellner's call for new forensic testing methods on old evidence, it sure seems like there should be.

Steven Avery's Attorney Filed A 1,000 Page Notice – And It Points The Finger At Teresa Halbach's Ex-Boyfriend

Zellner, filed a 1,000-page motion for post-conviction relief, calling for a new trial for Avery in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. In the filing, Zellner poses the possibility of 2005 murder victim Halbach's ex-boyfriend, Hillegas, as a potential new suspect in the case. Although she never explicitly say Hillegas might be the killer in the motion, Zellner points out the fact that Hillegas was never made a suspect, and Avery's jury never heard testimony on him.

The filing also asks that the results of new forensic testing methods performed on the eight key pieces of evidence in the case be considered.

The New Motion Is Focused On How Halbach's SUV Ended Up In Avery's Salvage Lot – And, Spoiler, It Claims Avery Didn't Put It There

The foundation of Zellner's 1,000 page motion is that Halbach's former flame, Hillegas, was never treated as a suspect in the case. According to the filing, however, he should be because it's possible he worked with the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department to place Halbach's car in Avery's salvage yard. Avery has long claimed he was framed by the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department. 

In addition to the possibility of Hillegas's collusion with police, Zellner highlights the facts that: Hillegas and Halbach had a five-year relationship, which ended because of Hillegas's violent jealousy; Hillegas lied and misrepresented his identity to police in the wake of the murder; and Hillegas had fingernail scratches on his body shortly after Halbach's disappearance.

What Could This Mean? The Wisconsin State Attorney General Isn't Too Worried

So what does this all mean in terms of Avery's case? Is it a one-way ticket to a retrial? Not necessarily. The Wisconsin Attorney General's office released a statement to WISN 12 NEWS late Wednesday saying:

"We are confident that as with Mr. Avery's prior motions, this one also is without merit and will be rejected once it is considered by the court. We continue to send our condolences to the Halbach family as they have to endure Avery's ridiculous attempts to re-litigate his guilty verdict and sentence."

However, the #freestevenavery crowd remains hopeful in the wake of this latest bombshell.