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The 20 Best 'New Transfer Students' In Anime History

One common way for anime to introduce a new character is by having them transfer to the protagonists' school midyear. These characters can throw a wrench into the existing social order, become new partners in the fight against evil, or even become new enemies. Sometimes, they're even the protagonist, allowing viewers to observe the school environment through a fresh pair of eyes.

Who are some of the best new transfer students in anime? One great example is Homura Akemi of Puella Magi Madoka Magicawho first becomes a transfer student when her health forces her to take time off school, but then keeps doing it continuously as she goes through time loops, to ensure that she can stay close to Madoka. There's also Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura, who becomes one of Sakura's most indispensable partners, even if they don't exactly like each other at first.

Which ones are your favorites?

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    Yukihira Souma - 'Food Wars!'

    Photo: J.C.Staff

    Although Yukihira Souma enters Tōtsuki Culinary Academy at the beginning of the first year of high school, he's still a transfer student because everybody else has been there since middle school. This, combined with the arrogant way he presents his cooking skills, makes it hard for him to make friends at first. 

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    Shoko Nishimiya - 'A Silent Voice'

    After Shouko Nishimiya transfers into Shouya Ishida's elementary school, she faces a tough road ahead of her. That's because she's deaf, and her classmates are not understanding - rather, they start bullying her, forcing her to eventually leave the school. 

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    Kyo Sohma - 'Fruits Basket'

    Kyo Sohma first appears partway through his second year of high school after taking time off to do martial arts training in the woods. Because he's cursed to transform into a cat whenever he makes any form of torso contact with the opposite sex, going to a co-ed school is a major adjustment to say the least.

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    Yumeko Jabami - 'Kakegurui'

    Photo: MAPPA

    When Yumeko Jabami first transfers to Hyakkaou Private Academy, she seems sweet and innocent. But beneath her innocent exterior lies the heart of an adrenaline junkie who loves gambling and is willing to risk everything for the next big win.

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