New TV Shows of the Last Few Years You Love to Hate

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Vote up the series that premiered on or after January 1, 2019, that are the best to hate-watch.

Each year, Hollywood continues to prove itself trustworthy when it comes to producing exciting slews of new TV shows you love to hate. Often similar to your guilty pleasures, these new hate-watch TV series feature unlikeable leads, contrived plot lines, and all the other elements so many of us can't get enough of as we shamelessly watch from the shadows. Here you'll find a round-up of some of the best new shows to hate-watch, all of which made their disoriented debut on the world in or after 2019. 

Here, you'll have a chance to vote on the best new TV you love to hate by letting the world know which shows you've found yourself unable to tear yourself away from. Whether it's one more superhero show gone terribly wrong, a remake of one of the shows you're ashamed to admit you also watched during childhood, or a totally new show you love to criticize and make fun of with popcorn in hand, you'll find a little something here for everyone. 

So, come on in and indulge your poorest taste right along with the rest of us as we take a look at some of the best new hate-watch television for your binging pleasure.