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What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be, Based On Your Zodiac?

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It's tempting to make resolutions you wholly intend to keep at the start of each new year. Though such aspirations often fall short, it can be nice to have healthy goals in mind for your future. When considering New Year's resolution ideas, one's zodiac sign can be a source of inspiration beyond annoying resolutions like "diet," "exercise," and "call Mom."

New Year's goal ideas should be achievable, but should also be applicable to your life. What better way to find out what resolutions fit you than by comparing them to your zodiac sign? 

  • Aries (March 21 - April 19): Try A New Activity
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    Sometimes it's good to not be the best at something, which can be a hard concept for Aries to grasp. A positive resolution for this sign is to be open-minded and willing to learn from those with more experience. Respect and appreciate their talent and commitment.

    Ariens are competitive and aggressive at times, which can make the potential of trying and failing at something a daunting task. Ariens who challenge themselves to humility, however, might find that there is more out there for them to enjoy than simply the goals they've already accomplished. 

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Go Out Instead Of Shopping Online
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    Taureans love the beautiful, the gourmet, and the luxurious. Unfortunately, this taste for the finer things in life can really break the bank. By taking a step back with their online shopping, Taurus places a healthy barrier between themselves and overspending.

    They may still get the urge to buy that new thing, but will be less likely to follow through if they have to go out and find it. There will likely still be moments of overindulgence, but for some Taureans, the act of shopping itself will be enough to fill that space. 

  • Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Learn To Enjoy Time Alone
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    The social Gemini finds value in human interaction more than anything else, and they can get very bored and anxious when they are alone. Learning to be comfortable on their own will be a great practice for Geminis in the new year.

    Geminis might try avoiding distractions and focusing on one task at a time. They can do this by practicing mindfulness, perhaps with a guided meditation app, or by designating time to be alone each week. This will ultimately make those treasured social interactions deeper, stronger, and more vibrant. After some practice, a Gemini may find they actually enjoy their solitary moments.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Limit Time In Front Of The TV
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    A Cancer may consider limiting their time in front of the television in the new year. This will be a great opportunity to read a book, spend time with friends, or pick up a new hobby.

    A new year, and particularly a new decade, is an ideal time to focus on personal growth. That is already harder to achieve for Cancers who spend most of their energy making sure everyone else is okay, and especially when their version of self-care is basking in the warm glow of their televisions.

    Though some television time doesn't hurt, Cancers have the capacity to achieve much more when they put their minds to it. Perhaps they could make a list of things they would like to accomplish in the next few months, so there is never a moment of "I don't know what I want to do, so I’ll just watch a movie."