15 Ways To Achieve Your New Year's Resolution (According To People Who Followed Through)

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Resolution makers: vote up the tips that will help you achieve your goals this year.

We all know it's difficult to keep up with a New Year's resolution. For most people, they only last a couple months. Luckily, people who actually stuck with it are sharing New Year's resolution tips. If you want to know how to follow through with your resolution, read on and vote up the most helpful advice!

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    Try Monthlong Resolutions

    From Redditor u/PickleChristmas:

    Try monthlong resolutions instead of a yearlong resolution. Less pressure and an opportunity to scaffold/revisit your goals more regularly.

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    Follow The SMART Rule

    From Redditor u/Cordelia_Fitzgerald:

    I wrote this for the weight loss sub, so it's weight loss-focused, but it can work for anything.

    Remember to make SMART goals.

    Goals should be:

    Specific - "Lose weight" is not specific. "Exercise more" is not specific. "Eat healthily" is not specific. Be as specific as you can. Add as much detail as you can.

    Measurable - Whether your goal is calories per day, weight loss per week, or minutes of exercise per week, you should be able to measure what you're doing and be very clearly successful or not. Put a specific number on your goal.

    Achievable - Don't set out to lose 20 pounds a month all year. You're setting yourself up for failure. Make your goal very achievable. It's better to exceed your goal than to set yourself an impossible goal and get frustrated after a few weeks. It's also smart to focus on what you can control. We can't really control how much weight we lose, so saying "I want to lose 2 pounds a week" may be less achievable than saying "I want to eat no more than 1,500 calories per day." You have much more precise control over what you eat and how much you exercise than how much weight you lose. The weight loss will come if you're doing the other two.

    Relevant - Know WHY you want to make this change. The goal won't be important to you unless you have a clear and well-defined motivation. This also includes learning a bit about nutrition and exercise. If you want to do low carb, for example, you should know the basic science behind it and why it works. If you want to start a strength training program, research what makes an effective program and why.

    Timebound - Put time on your goal. Give yourself both short-term and long-term goals. "Lose 50 pounds this year" is a great goal, but you need a clear plan of action for THIS WEEK. Focus mostly on short-term goals, which add together to make long-term goals. Shorter-term goals can also be more flexible as you can change them up more often if you find your previous goal unrealistic or too easy.

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    Turn Your Resolutions Into A Step-By-Step Plan

    From a former Redditor

    Turn all of your resolutions into a step-by-step plan, that set up a schedule along with those steps, and add a point system to each one ranging from 1-10.

    Next, come up with a reward system for small, medium, and high benchmarks.

    Set each reward according to the scheduled routines and follow through on it; do this enough times and it will become a habit and create a change for what you wanted to accomplish.

    If you fail, start again the next day, but the important thing is don't fail two times in a row; keep it going and keep track. If you do this, you will create the new life that you deserve.

    If you download one of the gamify your life apps such as [Habitica]... they do most of it for you.

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    Don't Let Yourself Feel Guilty

    From Redditor u/roboticArrow:

    Someone once told me that the best diet is one where you never let yourself feel guilty or deprived of food. It's a guilt-deprivation scale. On a scale of 1-10, never let yourself be hungrier than a 4 or fuller than a 7. When lower than 4, you risk living on the deprivation end, increasing the risk of overeating and feeling extremely guilty after.

    Don't deprive yourself of what you love eating; just set the boundary on the item. So rather than saying "I'm never eating bread," you give yourself bread if you crave it, but don't eat more than you need because once that happens, you feel guilty and want to deprive yourself again. But when deprived, you'll overeat the thing you are not letting yourself have.

    It really is a balance. Just an idea. It really helped me when I was struggling with my weight and eating healthier.

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    Focus On Habits - Not End Goals

    From Redditor u/Joeycrackem:

    Focus on habits more than end goals.

    Instead of fixating on the end results, we must put a greater focus on the habits that are needed to achieve these results. Your end goal is the summation of thousands of decisions that you have made prior to its attainment. Creating habits takes patience and faith; the beginning is always the hardest part of the process. Many people give up before having created the habit, because they assume that the struggle will last forever.

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    Get Friends To Hold You Accountable

    From Redditor u/chickencow08:

    Get one of your friends to partner with you on resolutions. Go to the gym together (or at least compare notes on workouts), read the same book, learn and share new recipes. Not only can they help hold you accountable, but they provide motivation to start the task in the first place.

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