The Best Newsmagazine TV Shows & Series

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Vote up the newsmagazine shows that have historically been the best way to get in-depth weekly news.

Newsmagazine TV series have been a staple of television for years, so there's a lot to choose from when thinking about the best newsmagazines around the world. Compiling the top recent stories, newsmagazines often use higher production value to go in-depth and share what is going on in the world. This list of news magazine shows that have aired on television includes shows that haven't been on the air in decades and long-running shows that are still going strong. This list of the best newsmagazines features a diversity of shows including 60 Minutes, Frontline, Inside Edition, and even CW Now.

This list helps answer the question "What are the best newsmagazine shows in the history of TV?" Vote up the newsmagazines that have been the best at delivering the weekly news in-depth.

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