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Erik Barnes
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For generations, WWE often relied on a single wrestler to showcase the company as a whole as their top ambassador and star. Bruno Sammartino served as WWE's main showcase in the 1960s and 1970s. In the 1980s, Hulkamania was running wild. In the '90s, Stone Cold Steve Austin rose hell and rose ratings. In the early 2000's, The Rock carried the WWE banner. Since his WWE title win in 2005, John Cena has served as WWE's poster boy and was pushed as their number one star. Then there was Roman.

WWE has been doing their best to push Roman Reigns as the new John Cena, the new franchise... and it has been rocky at best. Despite years of planning, Reigns just isn't connecting with the fans as WWE would like, due to a combination of poor booking, the overly forced "good guy" position he has been given, and several other factors. But if not Roman Reigns, who could be the next John Cena? Who on WWE's roster could fulfill the role of WWE's franchise player?
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John Cena's Superman status could be easily given to the Swiss Superman. Cesaro has the look of a star and the charm to boot. In the ring, he showcases full intensity that the fans appreciate while outside of the ring he can play the clown without sacrificing his dignity. Listening to the reaction he gets when he does the Cesaro Swing should provide consideration alone.

Before working in WWE, Cesaro wrestled throughout the world, giving him instant recognition for wrestling fans in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and all of Europe. He is incredibly photogenic either showing off his physique or in a suave well-fitted suit, making women want him and men want to be him. The fact that he can speak five different languages makes him more appealing as WWE's figurehead as the company grows globally.

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Sami Zayn

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If John Cena is WWE's Superman, then Sami Zayn is WWE's Spider-Man. Cena is built like a god and fans are in awe when he overcomes foes with physical strength. Zayn is the relatable underdog that won't give in and will scrap until he overcomes adversity. No matter where Zayn has performed, he is able to get the crowd to cheer and get into his matches due to his in-ring ability and downright likeability.

While Zayn lacks the physique and jawline that Cena possesses, he is fast, agile, and fully embodies the "Never Give Up" slogan that Cena uses to sell t-shirts. Plus, as WWE becomes more globally focused, Zayn's ability to speak several languages makes him the perfect global face of WWE for various media outlets worldwide.
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Apollo Crews

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While he just recently made his main roster debut, there is no doubt that WWE could accomplish big things with Apollo Crews. Crews has the Greek god physique that Vince McMahon endorses while still being agile enough to excite the crowd with his in-ring ability. Apollo's muscles and winning smile look great on programs, magazines, action figures, and other merchandise.

While Crews hasn't showcased a lot of his character in WWE, his independent work shows how he can be witty and charming in interviews for the press. On top of that, WWE would be able to showcase diversity and benefit from having their top star being African American.
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Perhaps the next John Cena shouldn't be a man, but a woman. The growing popularity in women's sports has helped nudge WWE to produce a quality Women's Division on their roster, so a female superstar ambassador could be the best possible step. Bayley already sells a load of NXT merchandise as a friendly-yet-competitive woman athlete rather than relying on sex appeal which WWE has commonly employed.

Bayley is able to deliver great matches that the diehard fans enjoy along with appealing to young girls. Her character's overall message of learning from mistakes and overcoming odds appeals to all fans regardless of age or gender. Bayley's charm and determination make her a fine choice as the poster woman for not only WWE's Women's Division, but the company as a whole.

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