Young Adult Novels That Should Be Adapted to Film

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What are the next young adult novels that should be adapted to film? With the success of YA novels-turned-movies The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight, it should come as no surprise that Hollywood is clamoring to option movie rights to some of the bestselling young adult books in recent years. This list includes the YA novels that should be brought to the big screen. Be sure to vote for the books you most want to see as movies, and vote down those that you just don't think will work. Also, if you have a favorite young adult novel that isn't listed, definitely add it -- this list has the potential to be a very long one!

Some YA novels are already on track to become major motion pictures, though the status of the projects isn't always clear (in other words, it could take years before the films are made and, ultimately, released). Examples? Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is in the works, as is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Newberry-winning The Graveyard Book (and yes, the latter is a children's book, but it's also quite popular with teens). Hang tight, fans, the deals are done on these (hopefully). Sometimes movies get optioned and everyone gets totally excited - and then, fans hear nothing more on the projects for long stretches of time.

Given the incredible box office success of some young adult books adapted to film, it's no wonder that studios are eager to get their hands on the next "big" thing. What will be the next blockbuster movie based on YA? It's a guessing game, though it's hard to argue that adaptations of Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl won't be massively popular films.

This list includes some classic YA novels (A Wrinkle in Time, Catcher in the Rye) by some of the best young adult authors ever and some more recent releases (The Book of Blood and Shadow, Matched). Vote for your favorites, and please, don't forget to add any great young adult books that need to be turned into movies. Remember: Sometimes Hollywood gets it right: Check out this list of the best film adaptations of young adult novels as evidence!
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  • Red Queen
    Victoria Aveyard
    131 votes
  • Throne of Glass
    Sarah J Maas
    159 votes
  • Cinder
    Marissa Meyer
    156 votes
    • First Published: 2012-01-03
    • Genres (Book): Romance novel, Utopian and dystopian fiction, Fairy tale, Young adult literature, Novel
    • Original Language: English Language
    • Genres (Book): Children's literature, Young adult literature

    Film adaptation released 2016

  • Uglies
    Scott Westerfeld
    193 votes
    • First Published: 2005-02-08
    • Subjects: Adventure, Friendship
    • Genres (Book): Speculative fiction, Children's literature, Dystopia, Fiction, Young adult literature
    • Original Language: English Language