The Biggest NFL Controversies Of 2022

What is the biggest NFL controversy of 2022? In the NFL, controversies are a weekly occurrence. NFL Players go around dissing each other left and right. Fans clown on the players for all their ridiculous online antics. Coaches get mad at players for dissing and clowning too much. It's the circle of NFL life. Whether it's off the field antics getting legal, or on the field beefs getting tested, NFL players are not shy about getting into hot water. But, what are the biggest NFL controversies of 2022? Which 2022 NFL controversy drives you crazy?

So far, the big name NFL controversy in 2022 revolves around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star wide receiver Antonio Brown. Was he justified to quit on the team after they forced him to play through injury? Is he even a credible source, given his past lies about his vaccination status? It's all up in the air on this list.

Vote up the NFL controversy you think is the most important to talk about. Then, check back as more NFL controversies reveal themselves throughout the year.


  • Ain't No Playing Time For The Wicked a.k.a. Deshaun Watson
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    After sitting out the entire 2021 season with the Texans, quarterback Deshaun Watson got traded to the Cleveland Browns in the midst of facing 24 civil lawsuits alleging inappropriate behavior and sexual assault during massage sessions. (A 25th lawsuit was dropped after the judge ruled the petition had to be amended to include the plaintiff's name.) Watson received a record-shattering $230 million in guaranteed money from Cleveland, a deal that beat out several other suitors.

    Earlier this year, grand juries in two different jurisdictions in Texas declined to indict Watson on criminal charges stemming from allegations. Watson then settled 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits. The remaining four lawsuits could go to trial at a later date, likely next spring. Additionally, the NFL's own investigation -- led by NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson, a retired federal judge -- recently concluded and handed out a six game suspension. The NFL then appealed this disciplinary decision and got Watson's suspension upped to eleven games. See you in December, DeShaun. 

  • Did The Dolphins Try To Kill Tua Tagovailoa?
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    The NFL and Miami Dolphins came under fire in Week 4, when Fins QB Tua Tagovailoa went down with a brutal concussion against the Cincinnati Bengals in Prime Time on Thursday Night Football. After a short week, the Dolphins took the field and couldn't protect their quarterback who took a series of tough hits throughout the first quarter. Eventually Tua got absolutely rocked and left the field on a stretcher. Concussions are always a bad look for the NFL, but what made what happened to Tua exceptionally egregious was the fact that the week before the Dolphins had perhaps covered up a previous concussion for Tua. In Week 3, only four days prior, Tua had stumbled and bumbled around after a big hit, which was caught on video. The Dolphins, however, publicly brushed Tua's first concussion of the season as a back issue. A back issue! Then they trotted him out to get demolished four days later. They must want him dead. It's the only excuse that makes sense as to why they'd treat a franchise quarterback in this manner.

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    Refs Gone Wild

    Refs Gone Wild
    Photo: The Brit_2 / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Referee Jerome Boger and his crew that worked the AFC wild-card game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals have been removed from refereeing this postseason after a problematic performance in the first round highlighted by a controversial whistle. In the game, the refs ruled that an errant whistle occurred after Cincinnati's Tyler Boyd caught a touchdown from Joe Burrow -- although replays appeared to show otherwise. Refs allowed the TD to stand, despite protest from Raiders personnel who cited the rule that the ball should be returned to the previous spot. Either way, the Refs lost all credibility and is a bad look for the NFL.

  • Casino RoyAlvin Kamara
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY 1.0

    Saints running back Alvin Kamara was arrested in February on felony battery charges surrounding an incident in a Las Vegas casino. The arrest remains under league review, and a court hearing was set for Aug. 1, before getting pushed back 60 days.


  • PEDeAndre Hopkins
    Photo: Arizona Cardinals / Instagram

    Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins will miss the first six games of the regular season after violating the NFL's performance-enhancing drugs policy in the offseason. The suspension comes as a major blow to the Cardinals offseason, who will now have to lean on Larry Fitzgerald's corpse for production.

  • Good Riddance, Matt Araiza

    The Buffalo Bills cut punter Matt Araiza after the rookie was accused of gang rape in graphic civil lawsuit, stemming from his time as a player at San Diego State University. According to details of the suit, Araiza and two teammates drugged and sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl at a house party at Araiza's residence. The investigation of Araiza is ongoing, and “double-digit NFL teams” have sworn no prior knowledge of Araiza's actions prior to the 2022 NFL draft. It's a bad look all around for the Bills and the NFL, letting an accused predator into the league. So, good riddance, Matt Araiza. If the accusations are true, enjoy jail.