Who Will Win 2022 NFL Offensive Player Of The Year?

Who will win 2022 NFL Offensive Player of the Year? The best NFL Offensive Player of the Year candidates in 2022 are all hoping to make a strong impact on their side of the field. Most of the all-time great playmakers have taken home this award, indicating they were the best overall offensive player in the league for a full season. Whether it's through receptions, touchdowns, rushing yards, or throwing the deep ball, these 2022 NFL OPOY candidates are among the best players in the NFL in 2022. Who is the NFL's best offensive player in 2022? Who should win the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award in 2022? 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is the only active player to win NFL OPOY multiple times, with two on his award shelf. Other players like Cooper Kupp, Patrick Mahomes and Derrick Henry are hoping to tie Brady this year with a 2nd OPOY NFL award. The NFL is never short of talented offensive players and the competition will be stronger than ever this season, with players like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, Christian McCaffrey , Nick Chubb, and Dalvin Cook all in the running.

Make your 2022 NFL Offensive Player of the Year predictions below, voting up the players you think have the best chance of competing for the award and voting down the players who shouldn't be near the top of the list. 

  • Derrick Henry
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY 3.0
    51 votes

    At merely 27 years old, Derrick Henry was on track for another historic season, putting up 937 yards and 10 touchdowns just 8 games into the season. Then, after the injury bug struck with a vengeance, Henry was forced to miss the rest of the 2022 season. If he is able to stay healthy and continue the upward trend that his career has been on over the last 6 years, Henry could have the comeback season of the century and undoubtedly win the Offensive Player of the Year.

    • Position: Running back
    • Birthplace: Yulee, Florida
    • Teams: Tennessee Titans
  • Cooper Kupp
    Photo: Los Angeles Rams / Instagram
    52 votes

    In his fifth season in the NFL, Cooper Kupp put up historic numbers. Achieving an astonishing 1,947 yards with an average of 13.4 yards per carrying and accumulating 40 touchdowns, Kupp was undoubtedly the best offensive player in 2022 and won the award from the  Associated Press and Pro Football Writers of America. Cupp has continuously shown growth from season to season, and while it will be mighty hard to improve from a triple crown season, even if Kupp puts up the exact same numbers, he should be a lock to go back to back.

    • Position: Wide receiver
    • Birthplace: Yakima, Washington
    • Teams: Los Angeles Rams
  • Deebo Samuel
    Photo: San Francisco 49ers / Instagram
    48 votes

    Deebo Samuel finished 5th in the league in yards during the 2022 season with an impressive 1,405-yard, 6 touchdown season. He put up a career-high 18.2 yards per carry and had himself the best season of his career. Entering his 4th season, Samuel should be more than ready to make yet another leap and take the 49ers to even greater heights. With an offense that should be tailored to his talents, Samuel could see historic numbers going into the season.

    • Position: Wide receiver
    • Birthplace: Inman, South Carolina
    • Teams: San Francisco 49ers
  • Patrick Mahomes II
    Photo: Chiefs / Instagram
    55 votes

    Patrick Mahomes II

    Patrick Mahomes is coming off of one of his worst seasons in the NFL, in which he was still able to throw for a ridiculous 4,839 yards with 37 touchdowns. While the numbers are still eye-poping, Mahomes visibly struggled during the season and has said himself he is ready to bounce back. There is nothing more dangerous than an all-time great player looking to prove his doubters wrong, and Mahomes has undoubtedly heard all the chatter around his name and will be coming for blood and the Offensive Player of the Year award.

    • Position: Quarterback
    • Birthplace: Tyler, Texas
    • Teams: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Justin Jefferson
    Photo: Minnesota Vikings / Instagram

    Justin Jefferson had himself one heck of a sophomore season, ranking second in the NFL in yards with 1,616 and catching 10 touchdowns. Jefferson continues to show progress and incredible skill as a wide receiver, and going into his 3rd season, another huge leap could very well be on the way. With a new offense tailored around throwing the ball, Jefferson is ripe for an incredible season.

    • Position: Wide receiver
    • Birthplace: Destrehan, Louisiana
    • Teams: Minnesota Vikings
  • Christian McCaffrey
    Photo: 49ers / Instagram
    36 votes

    Christian McCaffrey

    Christian McCaffrey was once widely considered the best running back in all of the NFL. Then, back-to-back injury-plagued seasons forced McCaffrey to just play 10 out of 17 games where he accumulated an abysmal 667 yards. At only 25 years of age, McCaffrey should, theoretically, still have a lot left in the tank, and if he is able to bounce back from his injuries and show flashes of the all-time great running back he was during the late 2010s, he could be a sneaky entry for Offensive Player of the Year.

    • Position: Running back
    • Birthplace: Castle Rock, Colorado
    • Teams: San Francisco 49ers