Which NFL Teams Do You Watch Just To See Them Lose?

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It happens every year - football season. High school, college, professional - football is practically everywhere, even if you're not looking. When it comes to the NFL, there are 32 teams that play every season, all vying for some post-season action. Whether you watch your favorite teams in person or on television, catching a game can be one of the things about autumn weekends you truly enjoy most. 

That said, there are some teams out there that you just can't stand. You know the ones. The rival of your favorite team. The teams with players who irk you. The teams the media won't shut up about. Heck, the team all of America is supposed to be pulling for - as if all of America got a say in that decision. Even if you don't like football, you may just want those teams to lose - on principle.

There is hope out there for football fans who really dislike one team - or several. When those obnoxious and irritating teams play, you can sit back and take in the glory when they lose.


Most divisive: San Francisco 49ers
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