NFL Teams With The Most Unbearable Fans

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Vote up the fans who are so consistently annoying that they make it tough to root for their teams.

The biggest NFL controversies tend to focus on players' off-field conduct or even naming rights for stadiums, but what about the fans? Every football team lauds and caters to its fanbase, and in some cases, those fanbases might be really, really annoying to anyone who doesn't cheer for that particular team.

So which NFL fanbases are the loudest, the most poorly behaved, and generally the most unbearable? Philadelphia Eagles fans are notoriously aggressive, but is that just an outdated cliche? Did years of dominance turn New England Patriots boosters into annoyances? And what's the deal with Raiders fans since the team relocated to Las Vegas?

Vote up the NFL fans who make it tough to root for their teams (even if you count yourself among an especially annoying fanbase).

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