Which NFL Teams Do You Actively Root Against?

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Vote up the teams you always hope get absolutely demolished no matter whom they're up against.

Concluding every week of the season, every NFL football team can be categorized into three distinct groups: they won their game, they lost their game, or they had a bye week. Most people have a favorite team, and they may watch every single one of their games in the hopes that they are part of the first group. On game day you know what team they’re rooting for just by looking at them; they have a jersey of their favorite player, a tattoo of their team’s logo, or, in extreme cases, they painted their entire body in their team colors.

But hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) deep inside all of us, even those of us who don’t follow the NFL season, is the hatred of another team. While we may not watch every one of their games, when we hear that they’re playing we instinctively think, “I hope they get destroyed.” Perhaps they’ve had a long established rivalry with your favorite team. Or maybe they’re the favorite team of a person you dislike or purposely antagonize. Maybe they were involved in a scandal years ago that you found so reprehensible that you can’t let go of your hatred for them. Or perhaps you just don’t like their quarterback’s smug face.

Whatever the reason, we all have those NFL teams we actively root against. But which teams do you always hope get absolutely demolished no matter whom they're up against? 

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