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Nerdy Comics By NHOJ 

Chanel Hwang
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Sometimes your favorite heroes, from video games characters to comic book superheroes, need not take the pursuit of justice so seriously; as the Joker astutely pointed out: where's the fun in serious? Enter webcomic artist John Cullen, who creates geeky and hilarious superhero spoofs in his NHOJ webcomic series. Although funny superheroes exist in the mainstream comic world, NHOJ versions of superheroes live their whole lives (or comic strips) absorbed in antics rather than heroics. 

Funny comics by NHOJ feature your favorite characters caught in the midst of everyday tomfoolery, letting these heroes unwind and loosen their capes instead of facing off against invading aliens or Goombas. The funniest NHOJ comics reveal that funny superhero and video game webcomics can be just as engaging as the real thing, and that no one knows how to read a classic superhero quite as well as a dedicated fan.

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