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Spooky Ghost Stories And Legends From Niagara Falls

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It makes perfect sense that Niagara Falls, on both the Canadian and US sides, would be haunted. The area is rich in history - in fact, it's packed with centuries of stories, from Native American legends to the conflicts that erupted when the first settlers arrived. The War of 1812 hangs heavily over the region, as do the many skirmishes between early colonists and the Iroquois, and their ghosts continue to haunt the area. 

Niagara Falls legends include tales of historic buildings, creepy caves, and other spooky natural wonders, not to mention the falls themselves, which have seen a plethora of people go over them in various vessels. As you can guess, some made it, but most didn't.

The falls and the area surrounding them have taken many a life, and to say the place is a hotbed for spiritual energy is an understatement. If you're a ghost hunter, check out these Niagara Falls ghost stories and tell us which haunts are your favorites and which we missed. Happy hunting! And don't let these Niagara Falls ghost stories keep you up at night!

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    A Young Girl Was Burned In The 'Screaming Tunnel'

    Photo: saychinqua1 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

    Also known as the "Blue Ghost Tunnel," the Screaming Tunnel was built at the turn of the 20th century as a drainage system for the train tracks overhead in Niagara Falls, Ontario. According to legend, around 100 years ago, the tunnel was on fire, and a little girl who lived nearby got caught inside. In another version of the story, an unknown perpetrator took the girl's life and burned her remains in the tunnel in an attempt to hide the deed.

    Her spirit remains there, and when someone lights a match or a lighter, people who live nearby can hear her piercing scream. 


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    A Ghostly Little Girl Roams The Halls Of The Echo Club

    Once a single-family home, a community center, and a bar/restaurant, the Echo Club is for sale as of 2019. Whoever buys this historic property will have to take its ghostly tenants, as well. The most recent owners described a little girl that had been seen in the washroom by patrons; she disappeared after they inquired as to the whereabouts of her parents.

    Others have described more malicious poltergeist activity from a spirit who throws plates and screams at patrons. There are also plenty of orbs to be seen. Buyer, beware!


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    The Spilled Blood Of A Couple Appears At The Glenview Mansion

    It is said that the apparitions who haunt the Glenview Mansion in Niagara Falls, Ontario, are the result of gruesome acts that occurred there. The "Pink Palace" was built in the 1860s. The first life was taken not long after that when a conman tried to sell the home to an immigrant. 

    The second terrible event occurred in the early 1900s. A couple leaving a party at the residence was ended in the driveway, and their attackers were never found. Since then, their blood is said to reappear on the pavement where they fell.

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    Spirits Stroll Through Drummond Hill Cemetery

    Drummond Hill Cemetery in Niagara Falls was the site of one of the War of 1812's most gruesome skirmishes. Two thousand men perished on the grounds, and their specters still haunt the cemetery. Some are seen dressed as red coats marching into the field or falling where they eventually met their ends.

    At the end of one Niagara Ghost Bus Tour, some guests turned back and looked out the window to see their shadows hovering around the headstones. As they told the other passengers, the apparitions vanished. 

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