What Nic Cage Character Would You Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Nicolas Cage is one of the most malleable actors of the modern era. He’s played so many recognizable characters, it makes perfect sense why his various personas provide a template for followers of astrology to discover which Nicolas Cage character they are based on their zodiac sign.

Like Keanu Reeves, Cage’s characters speak to the human condition in ways that are yet to be fully understood. Cage can play a vindictive villain who wants to take off the face of his nemesis, or a down on his luck screenwriter looking to end it all—and many of his characters significantly correspond to the zodiac. 

There's truly a Nic Cage character for each zodiac sign, and the best part is there’s no bad picks because somewhere deep inside you’ll always have a little bit of Cage.

  • People born under the sign of Aries are go-getters who see themselves as the ones running the show. They want to be the boss no matter what situation they're in and if things aren't done the way they like things get ugly. 

    Peter Loew from Vampire's Kiss is the quintessential Aries. He sees himself at the top of the New York publishing food chain and when he wants something he wants it yesterday.

    When Loew starts to think he's turning into a vampire he becomes manic and terrifying—the worst case scenario for an Aries.  

  • A Taurus is one of the most patient and organized signs of the zodiac. They support their friends who need it most and don't mind picking up the slack when everyone else drops the ball. Best of all, they don't take credit for doing the work everyone else should have been doing. 

    Cameron Poe from Con Air has the best traits of a Taurus slammed into the body of an action hero. When a group of super criminals lead by Cyrus "The Virus" (John Malkovich) takes over a plane full of convicts, Poe single-handedly saves the day while finding insulin for his dying friend and bringing a present to the daughter he's never met. 

  • Geminis are equally good and bad in tense situations. They can adapt to anything thrown at them, they're curious about everything, and they can think on their feet. Unfortunately they can also be indecisive and a little inconsistent when it comes time to make a decision. 

    After Rick Santoro begins to unravel the government conspiracy at the center of a murder in Brian DePalma's Snake Eyes, he isn't sure what to do. As Santoro slowly solves the mystery, he's game to play the hero, but when he learns his best friend put the whole thing together he's overcome with doubt. 

    Can he save the day or should he take a government payoff? Such a Gemini predicament. 

  • It's hard to know who a Cancer really is. Depending on what day you see them, they can be at a brilliant high or their absolute lowest. They're ruled by their emotions, so if something sets them off one way or another, their mood's absolutely shot.

    Cancers are also incredibly nostalgic, so even if they're in good spirits they can be carried away with thoughts of yesterday. 

    When Brent Ryan of Mom and Dad isn't waxing nostalgic about his Trans-Am and the freedom of teenage life it represents he's careening between caring for his wife when she gets shot in the arm and trying to murder his children. In true Cancer form, there's no middle ground for Brent.

  • Leos may be big, boisterous, and hard to ignore but they're also the most courageous sign in the zodiac. They're generous with their knowledge and time, and they're loyal to their friends and family. If any sign in the zodiac were a superhero, it'd be Leo. 

    In Kick Ass, Cage plays former cop Damon Macready, better known as Big Daddy. His only goals in life are to take down mob boss Frank D’Amico and raise his daughter to be an even bigger badass than he is. Big Daddy is loud, weird, and always ready for a fight. 

  • Typically Virgos are among the hardest-working people on Earth. They're the shrewd detectives of the zodiac, and they don't know what it means to take a day off. If a Virgo is on the job, it's going to get finished regardless of holidays, birthdays, or family plans. 

    When Edward Malus of The Wicker Man gets a letter from his ex-fiance telling him their daughter is missing, he springs into action and flies to a remote island village to find the girl.

    He doesn't let anything stop his investigation; not weird locals and especially not the traditions of the people he meets. Unfortunately this strict adherence to the law puts him in a disastrous position.