33 Pictures That Prove All Canadians Are Ridiculously Nice

Canadians have a well-deserved reputation for being the nicest group of people on the planet. Maybe the harsh winter weather has dulled their temperament, or maybe they just got tired of watching their American neighbors act like rude fools. Whatever the reason, Canadians are well known for being some of the sweetest and most polite people ever.

Really have you tried dating a Canadian? They're the best. People who want to date one of those nice Canadians are called Maple Chasers, and we should all consider becoming one of them. Wouldn't you want your lover to be known for being kind, sensitive, and considerate? Plus, it's cold in Canada, so you know they love to cuddle!

Check out this list of hilariously sweet examples of Canadians being so gosh darn nice and polite. You'll see that even in negative situations, like ones that involve robbery or road rage, Canadians are nice. Rank your favorite example of Canadian manners!

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    Farming in Canada

    Farming in Canada
    Photo: Reddit
    They don't even care if you steal them, just don't hurt them!
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    Protesting in Canada

    Protesting in Canada
    Photo: Imgur
    "What do we want? Reasonable discourse! When do we want it? At a time that works for you!"
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    Neighbors in Canada

    Neighbors in Canada
    Photo: Imgur

    Receiving baked goods in exchange for lowering the volume of your carnal activities? Seems like a good deal to me.

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    Road Rage in Canada

    Road Rage in Canada
    Photo: Imgur
    That's the first time I've seen someone admit they were wrong on the road.
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    Taking Someone's Spot in Canada

    Wouldn't it be great if you could solve everything with a drawing of a happy little spider?
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    Police Tactics in Canada

    Police Tactics in Canada
    Photo: Twitter
    This would go very differently in America.
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