21 Celebrities Who Are Genuinely Nice People, According To The Redditors Who Met Them  

Matt Manser
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Being a celebrity has got to be pretty weird. Lots of people recognize you, and may even think they understand you, but you don't know them. And if you achieved a Justin Bieber-like level of fame, getting bothered by fans would become a huge problem. Being famous means having zero privacy, so when a celebrity is approached by a non-celeb, they could be forgiven for attempting to brush the person off. It only makes sense that many stars would prefer to avoid fans and be left alone as much as possible.

But not every celebrity does that. In fact, there are a good number of famous people who are nice to normal people, and who don't seem to react to their fame at all. According to Redditors, these movie stars and musicians go out of their way to engage with fans, or to let staff working venues know they are appreciated. When people tell stories of nice celebrity encounters, they might highlight how unexpectedly normal the person was. Bill Murray, for instance, immediately began cracking jokes. And when it comes to the nicest celebrities, some may surprise you – like Kim Kardashian. Apparently she's a real sweetheart.

These tales of friendly celebrities suggest some stars were great people even before they got famous.

From Earlmo:

"My cousin took his son to a WWE event for his birthday and then fishing the next day along the river. While they were fishing the Rock appeared out of nowhere, ready to go fishing with his cousin. The 4 of them spent the entire day together, the Rock bought them lunch, hung out. It was an epic experience especially for my cousin's son who just turned 12."

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From Smokin-Okie:

"You guys remember when WWE was popular with Smackdown and Raw, people paid for pay-per-view events and Wrestlemania was like the Superbowl to some people?

They used to have these meet and greets at car lots and for one they had J.R. and The Big Show. After waiting in line for 5 hours in the sun we finally got up there, they were both tired and ready to get back to their hotel. J.R. was pre-signing stuff complaining on the phone about it but The Big Show was all into it. I asked to take a picture with him. I was just a little pre-teen girl and he told me yeah and motioned for me to hop up on the table so we would be the same height and his security team freaked out. They ran over and told me I couldn't be on the table so I climbed down and he looked at them like, WTF? And said 'chill out guys.' Then looked at me and said 'hop up on this table and get your picture, sweetheart.'

It really made my day. :)"

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From platyviolence:

"I met Willy Nelson briefly when I was 16. I was pouring liquor at an auditorium he was playing at when he walked up, bought a Pepsi and slid a crisp $50 into my front pocket. He winked and said 'to the unsung heroes helping me look good on stage.' Was really cool and I think about it often. :)"

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From JabTrill:

"Jimmy Fallon. Sat next to him and his brother randomly at a baseball game and they were some of the coolest and genuine guys I've ever met. We just talked about baseball and they were asking us about rules they didn't know. And every time a fan would come down to get a picture, he was more than happy to. He was honestly like he is on his show, but slightly more toned down and chill."

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