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11 Times Squidward Was Actually a Stand-Up Guy 

Jacoby Bancroft
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On SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward is often described as grumpy, angry, lazy, a total grouch, and an all-around snob. Even though those are his defining character traits, there's still a part of Squidward Tentacles that's actually a stand-up guy. Throughout the long run of the Nickelodeon series, there are a surprising amount of emotional Squidward moments that show what a big heart the big-nosed squid actually has.

Check out the list below to learn all about nice guy Squidward and his best moments peppered throughout one of the most popular animated shows of all time.%20

He Wouldn't Stand for Rudeness
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In perhaps his finest moment on the series, Squidward retaliates against a rude customer who was mean to the lovable SpongeBob. After spending the whole "Pizza Delivery" episode annoyed with SpongeBob for getting them lost in the desert, the two finally arrive at their destination. The sponge's proud moment is destroyed when the customer gets angry that they forgot his drink, even though SpongeBob is sure he didn't order one. The customer makes SpongeBob break down and cry. In a break from his usual grumpy attitude, Squidward defends his friend. He marches up to the customer and slams the pizza in his face. He then comforts SpongeBob, tenderly telling him he did a good job. 
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He Gave SpongeBob a Great "Last Day"
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Squidward usually does nice things when he realizes how badly he messed up. That's what happens in "Dying for Pie," in which Squidward inadvertently gives SpongeBob an explosive pie. He realizes his mistake, but it's too late: SpongeBob has apparently eaten the pie. Mr. Krabs reckons he only has until sundown before the bomb reaches his intestines and explodes. To make it up to him, Squidward ensures Spongebob has a wonderful last day on Earth, running through a list of his favorite activities.

Spoiler alert: Spongebob doesn't actually die, but it's nice to see Squidward try to make him comfortable and happy.  
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He Dressed Up as Santa to Make SpongeBob Happy
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Throughout "Christmas Who," Squidward makes fun of SpongeBob's naivety for expecting Santa to appear. Naturally, SpongeBob's hopes are crushed when Santa doesn't actually appear, and Squidward delights in rubbing it in his face. When SpongeBob gives Squidward a beautiful hand-carved clarinet as a present, Squidward realizes he's been acting like a jerk. He then poses as Santa in order to improve the little yellow sponge's spirits. If that wasn't enough, he starts giving away all of his possessions to the townsfolk, spreading Christmas cheer all over Bikini Bottom. 
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He Couldn't Live Without Dear Sweet SpongeBob
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Squidward thinks if he was surrounded by his own type of people, he would be happy. Little does he know the effect Spongebob has on him. In the appropriately titled "Squidville," Squidward moves away to the fancy Squidville. He soon realizes , however, that he misses SpongeBob and his wacky shenanigans, slowly turning against the stuffy squids that make up the fancy community. Spongebob would have been proud. 
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