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Women Of Reddit Describe 'Nice Guys' Who Turned Creepy

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In a world where your next date is just a finger-swipe away, you're bound to have your fair share of duds. For women, sometimes the only thing worse than sleazy pervs who immediately ask for nudes are cringeworthy "nice guys." 

These men may seem genuinely sweet, but they really aren't. Sometimes it's a guy who helps you down the stairs when you're injured, only to throw your crutches on the ground when you don't go out with him. Other times, it's a guy you've known for ages who asks you to make babies with him once his girlfriend leaves the room. Either way, you're left wishing you had never met such a "nice guy."


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    He Left Stuff All Over My Apartment So He'd Have An Excuse To Come Back

    From Redditor /u/DezzlieBear:

    Had (what I thought was) a friend who lived in my building. Did normal friend things. Walked to class together, had movie nights etc...

    Had a movie night one night while my roommate was away, and got a super weird vibe from him. Told him I forgot I needed to get up early and asked him to leave earlier than planned.

    I have anxiety, so I couldn't sleep and decided to spend the night deep cleaning my apartment (while muttering sorry to my neighbors for vacuuming at 1 am).

    Found he had hidden things all over my house. My only guess was so he had an excuse to come back, like in Seinfeld? Maybe, IDK. But it was a whole box of things. I went to put them outside in the hall and text him it was out there and discovered he had turned the lock off on my door. (It was set up like the inside of the door had a button you could press so you didn't get locked out bringing out the trash).

    I basically stopped talking to him [after that], and one day I was bringing in groceries, which he normally asked to help with, and instead he punched me in the ass cheek so hard I almost fell down and dropped everything.

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    Dated A 'Nice Guy' For Five Months To Find Out He Thought We Were Just Friends With Benefits

    From Redditor /u/Eshlau:

    We met in a group in undergrad, became friends. Slowly we became closer, I developed a crush on him, [we] started hanging out more on our own, and one night after some drinks it escalated to kissing/cuddling.

    I messaged him later letting him know that while I enjoyed what happened, I didn't think it was a good idea for us to keep it up, as I had feelings for him, and wasn't interested in a friends with benefits kind of setup.

    He told me that he kind of had feelings as well, and that it might be nice to see how a relationship developed. So we did. We start dating - dinners, movies, all the physical stuff that comes with a relationship. When he was briefly hospitalized, I spent every night there with him.

    I opened up to him over time, and told him about my history of sexual abuse, family history of substance abuse, etc. He opened up about his history of being used by his exes, how they were all horrible and had treated him horribly, how he's just always been so nice that everyone takes advantage of him, that all he wants is to find a nice girl who will love him for who he is and that he can treat like a princess.

    One night (probably about 4-5 months in) we're laying in bed together watching a movie and I started telling him about a funny conversation I had at work, "So then I was saying, my boyfriend..." and I feel him stiffen up, and he kind of awkwardly says, "You know we're not dating, right? Like, I thought we just had a fun thing going..."

    So, apparently we're FWB. The exact thing I told him I didn't want. I asked him if we could start dating then, and he said he was just too busy for a relationship (even though we were basically in one), blah blah. I told him I was hurt and felt used, and that I wasn't interested in being anything more than acquaintances in the future.

    After that, I slowly started seeing someone, a guy who was actually pretty great and had actively pursued me, and guy #1 FLIPPED OUT. Apparently, even though he didn't want to be in a relationship with me, I wasn't allowed to be with anyone else.

    For months afterward, he spent most of his time badmouthing me to whomever would listen, talking about how I used him, how I'm just like every other sl*t who thinks she's too good for everyone, how he had treated me so well and I had ripped his heart out.

    The worst part, though, was that he told numerous individuals and groups of people all about my personal history. Apparently, a couple of times, after a couple drinks, he would even start to cast doubt on it, comparing what I "did to him" to my past abuse, stating that it was surprising to him that an alleged [abuse] victim would "r*pe" the feelings of innocent men. We no longer speak, but I still hear about things he's said about me a couple times a year.

    It really made me wonder about all those "terrible" exes he had, and made me put more faith than ever into the thought that the way people talk to you about others is the same way they'll talk to others about you. What a nice guy.

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    He Told Me I Was Beautiful... Followed By A Blunt Request For Oral

    From Redditor /u/CharlieBear26:

    A guy once PM'ed me "Hey girl, you're so beautiful. You look like you know how to suck a good c*ck." So I asked him how he'd feel if someone spoke to his sister like that. He immediately blew up and told me he'd kill me for talking about his family like that. Makes sense.

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    He Changed His Mind About Not Liking Me When I Started Dating Someone Else

    From Redditor /u/soggybutter:

    I had a crush on a dude in high school, he was part of my BFFs circle so we were together a lot. I'm up-front so I was pretty clear that I had some feelings for him, but he was uninterested in being anything more than friends. Whatever, I had another boy kinda chasing me so I gave him a shot and we start dating, and I kept the friendship with the Nice Guy.

    Flash forward a year, Nice Guy has become one of my closest friends. We eat lunch together, hang out like everyday, and my boyfriend is often included, although they weren't close at all.

    Then a week before Nice Guy leaves for college, he confesses that he's totally in love with me, my boyfriend will never fully understand me or treat me right (it's been 4 years and we are still together soooo), and I pretty much owe it to him to dump my bf and f*ck him before he moves to school.

    I said no, obviously. He freaks out and tries to make me pay him back for all the money he spent on me, which I had never liked in the first place and was always done sneakily, like putting movie tickets on his card before we got to the theater or paying for our food when I was in the bathroom.

    He spends like 3 weeks messaging me just really mean, vile sh*t all the time, including some deeply personal stuff he was aware of due to our friendship. It hurts a lot to really regard somebody as a good, close friend and then be dropped like a hot potato when he realizes you still won't put out. He still messages me occasionally, usually to try to hit on me and get pissed that I still love my boyfriend, and then complains about being single. Gee motherf*cker, I wonder why?

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