27 Times Someone Used Vandalism To Make The World A Better Place

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Usually vandalism is ugly, garish, and even worse, hard to read! But sometimes vandals are funny and use their powers to make our everyday world a more interesting and funnier place. You can find more examples of this at the subreddit r/mildlyvandalised

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  • 1. Good Clarification

    Good Clarification
    Photo: u/ctcindytran / Reddit
    11 votes
  • 2. Not Falling For It

    Not Falling For It
    Photo: u/the_tallest_one / Reddit
    9 votes
  • 3. Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

    Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons
    Photo: u/TheMinionGamer / Reddit
    20 votes
  • 4. They Were Asking For It

    They Were Asking For It
    Photo: u/BallsD*cks / Reddit
    8 votes
  • 5. Shoe Store Prank

    Shoe Store Prank
    Photo: u/sheao2004 / Reddit
    7 votes
  • 6. Showed Them

    Showed Them
    Photo: u/bernardo_siu / Reddit
    16 votes