Celebrity Women Over 60 You Wouldn't Mind Your Dad Dating

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Vote up the older ladies you'd be totally okay with if your dad brought them home.

Ever notice how some kind older celebrity women seem to have a strong maternal essence about them? Though the notion of setting up your dad is awkward, to say the least, but there are a couple of female celebrities over 60 that you can't help but imagine would make pretty decent stepmoms

Here you'll find a list of nice older celebrities that would be kind of awesome to have your dad canoodle with. As some look a bit more mom-like, while others don't look a day over 30, you'll have a nice variety of dream dates for dad to chose from. Whether you prefer the seemingly ageless looks of a Jane Seymour or the maternal vibes of a Sally Field, take your pick below. 

Let us know which of these nice older female celebrities seem like the coolest stepmom in your book by voting for your favorites.

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