Celebrity Men Over 60 You Wouldn't Mind Your Mom Dating

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Vote up the older guys you'd be totally okay with if your mom brought them home.

Age is nothing but a number, right? While everyone loves a good six pack, there's something about the dignified looks of nice older celebrities that many would prefer over the glitz and glamour of youth any day. While your mom may be less than interested in a towing around a famous boy toy - who wants all the paparazzi attention? - wouldn't it be kind of cool if there was a dating pool of male celebrities over 60 she could chose from? 

Here you'll have the chance to vote on all those nice male celebrities who seem so chill, you'd actually trust them to take your mom out (or at least your favorite older, single female relative). In addition to great personalities, a lot of these men are easy on the eyes as well. After all, no one could accuse the likes of Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner of aging poorly. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even those stars declining less than gracefully into their senior years make up with personality and talent what they lack in looks. 

Go ahead and set your mom up with some of the nice older male celebrities below! Which of these Tinsel Town sensations looks like they know how to show a lady a great night out on the town? You decide by upvoting your favorites!

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