People Are Sharing Wholesome Stories About The Nicest 'Rupaul's Drag Race' Queen They Ever Met

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The queens from Rupaul's Drag Race, and it's many spin-offs, continue to hold a permanent spot in the hearts of viewers everywhere. So, fans of the hit reality series are sharing wholesome stories about the nicest queens they've met or interacted with. Vote up the stories with the nicest queens! 

Some posts have been edited for length/clarity. All posts courtesy of this discussion thread posted by Paulino_Monet.

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    Working With Cynthia Lee Fontaine 

    From Redditor u/AlarmingDrawing:

    The summer before she filmed her first season, Cynthia was a volunteer camp counselor with me at a camp for children affected by HIV in some aspect of their lives. She was AMAZING as a counselor and it was a great week working together (I was her head counselor). At the time I knew she was a drag queen, but didn't know her persona name.

    We've kept in touch pretty regularly since that summer, and in 2019 my other half and I decided to go to DragCon in NYC.

    One of the days as we had nothing else going on, I decided to surprise Cynthia at her booth and as soon as she saw me she jumped up from the people she was talking to (and later apologized profusely) and ran over and just gave me the biggest hug. She introduced me to her boyfriend, I introduced her to my hubs, and then she realized she had people politely waiting for a photo so she went back.

    We ended up talking to her for awhile that day, and it was really great way to reconnect in person.


    TL;DR: Cynthia Lee Fontaine really is the most genuine person on the planet. I worked with her breifly and when we reconnected it was like we never missed a beat.

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    Peppermint Oozes Kindness

    From Redditor u/heatvisions:

    Peppermint would be the other girl I'd say left the biggest impression on me. She positively oozes kindness and took the time at the panel we met at to have an amazing one-on-one talk with me about gender identity, as the day we met was the one-year anniversary of my coming out as transgender.

    Later, she got herself stuck under a railing while performing that day and ended up having to slowly, awkwardly climb over me and my brother-in-law in the audience while we tried to help. She made the whole situation so f***ing funny. She's so charming and gracious. Love her!


    TL;DR: Peppermint and I had a personal conversation about gender-identity that meant so much to me. Later, she had to accidentally crawl over us during a performance and was so charming throughout. 

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    Called Up On Stage By Bob The Drag Queen

    From Redditor u/grouchysnowball:

    Bob came to my hometown’s only drag bar. At the time, she had just won Drag Race. She brought me on stage for a comedy bit about young people at drag bars.

    She said her favorite part of bar shows is finding someone with the X's on their hands and asking them to say into the mic what year they were born.

    I had only been 18 for like a few months and she asked the bartender to get me a Capri Sun. She was super fun, and really sweet at the meet and greet.


    TL;DR: I got called up on stage by Bob the Drag Queen for a comedy bit. It was hilarious and she was even sweeter at the meet and greet. 

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    The Beloved Chi Chi DeVayne 

    From Redditor u/tiffany_blue1031:

    I’ve spoken about this before, but I knew Chi Chi DeVayne. We met in high school. So to me, he was Zavion.

    Zavion was one of the purest of heart people you’d ever meet. And obviously he came alive on stage as ChiChi. Watching her perform was just amazing. You will never meet someone as kind and genuine as her, and the world is a a little less bright without her in it.


    TL;DR: I went to high school with Chi Chi DeVayne and she's always been a bright light. There was nothing like watching her perform.

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    Meeting Sasha Velour

    From Redditor u/Geaux_Go_Fiasco:

    I remember going to drag-con with my husband around season 9 and Sasha Velour was amazing. We were in line for a meet and greet when the convention announced they were officially closing the doors so Sasha’s team escorted the entire line (which was like 30 something people) outside to halls of the convention center and continued the meet and greet. Season 9 was our first season seeing it live and the fact that the performer went above and beyond at our little rushed meet and greet just made me fall in love with the show and the performers.


    TL;DR: While waiting in line for a meet and greet with Sasha Velour, the convention announced they were closing. Sasha escorts the entire line out and continues the meet and greet. It made me such a big and appreciative fan. 

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    Working A Show With Thorgy Thor

    From Redditor u/iamdogcomplex:

    Back in 2016, I was a baby drag queen and Thorgy Thor hosted the drag show I performed at in Pomona, CA. She was incredibly kind and supportive, gave us all personal advice backstage, took pictures with each of us, and overall seemed like she was genuinely happy to be there.


    TL;DR: When I was a baby drag queen, Thorgy Thor hosted a show I was on. She seemed so happy to be there. She gave us personal advice backstage and treated all the queens well. 

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