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14 Rock Musicians Who Go Above And Beyond For Their Fans

Not all musicians are equal in regards to how they treat their fans. For every story you've ever heard about a rock star treating a fan poorly, there are those musicians who are nice - rock stars who are good to fans and go out of their way to show kindness and appreciation for the people who spend time and money on concerts, merchandise, and music, making it possible for their favorite bands to exist in the first place. 

The nicest rock musicians who got their start prior to or right at the beginning of the new millennium prove that the heaviest entertainers might just be the most appreciative. Firsthand accounts of the nicest rock stars might come as a surprise, such as metal legend Dio's legacy of giving back to his community. Other stories, like Freddie Mercury caring for an intoxicated fan, might just reinforce the image you already had of your favorite pop rock heroes.