Nick Jonas's Greatest Sex Advice  

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While you've been trying to catch up on Game of Thrones, child-star Nick Jonas has been secretly becoming a man. In fact, in the span of just 10 short years, the Jonas brother (who you know was your favorite) has gone from a child to a full-fledged adult! 

And as an adult, Nick has certain needs. First among them: getting it on. And he wants you to know all about it. We've culled through his song lyrics, interviews, and social media accounts and compiled a list of Nick Jonas's best sex advice to help you feel awkward, informed, and oddly aroused. 

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Do It While Listening To Nick Jonas

“I think it’s amazing! It’s great,” he said about the possibility of people getting it on to his music. “It’s two beautiful things colliding.”

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Manscaping Is Unnecessary

Jonas said of manscaping: “I never even really thought about it; that that would be an issue. I think that I’ve never even tried to like wax or shave my chest hair or anywhere else."

He continued: "I just think, ‘I’m a man, I don’t really need to!’ That’s the beautiful part about being a man!”


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Sex Is Good

Jonas is certainly an advocate of a healthy intimate life. “Sex is such an important part of a healthy life, in the sense that it’s such an intrinsic part of who you are," he said.

"When your sex life is not healthy, you resort to other things as an outlet,"said Jonas. "And in terms of the show, that’s tough to watch.”

Grabbing Yourself Is Hot (And Easy)
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Jonsa was more than willing to share a little advice about grabbing yourself in a way that doesn't look strange. "Now it's very simple. You need three things: a hand, a crotch and a willingness to do anything," he said. 

"Now my basic steps are turn to the side, profile's better. Make sure your hand's ready and then just go for it. That's it. All you need."

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