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These Former Nickelodeon Stars Have Said Some Pretty Nasty Things About Their Time At Nick

Updated September 27, 2019 1.6m views11 items

It's not easy to grow up, and that's doubly true for children in the limelight. Maybe that's why so many former child stars end up publicly distancing themselves from their former TV homes. There are plenty of Disney stars who turned on Disney, and these Nickelodeon stars who turned on Nickelodeon prove that the problem isn't limited to just one studio.

Stories from former Nick stars imply that the network endorsed bullying, put actors through rigorous schedules at a young age, and supported really awful jokes. The list of Nickelodeon actors who dislike Nick range from members of the new generation like Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande to old school stars like Marc Summers.

Where are Nick celebs now? A lot of them went on from shows you kind of remember to successful careers; others seem to have dropped out of public life entirely. But a number of them have some choice words for their onetime employer.